Prosecution asks him to walk the court through the conversation.

Jim Thomas objects.

Judge overrules.

Bartlett said he received the call in Spring of 2001.

Prosecution asks the commenting from Thomas to stop.

Judge asks everyone to calm down and that they will all get a chance to question the witness.

Bartlett said he received the call at his desk.  He said Kilpatrick began with a tone of voice a parent would use like a child was in trouble.  Bartlett said he was a little bit startled.

Prosecution asks why.

Bartlett said he didn't believe he had spoken to Kilpatrick before other than a greeting.  He said the tone suggested something was wrong like he was in trouble.

Bartlett said he never received a called like that before and wondered what was wrong.

Bartlett said Kilpatrick said these organizations or these groups are getting nickeled and dimed by you peopled.

Prosecution reaffirms that Kilpatrick was referring to Detroit 3D and Vanguard.

Bartlett said I believe so.

Prosecution asked what Bartlett did.

Bartlett said someone else was handling this part and that he had not been aware of any conversations leading up to that that would lead Kilpatrick to make this kind of statement.  I said something to the effect that it is part of the process in administering the grants to take for certain records, it's part of the process and we're not singling anyone out.

Bartlett said Kilpatrick made some sort of comment that suggested his dissatisfaction with the situation.

Bartlett told Kilpatrick that all these funds are all subject to audit.

Bartlett said Kilpatrick's mood changed and said something to the effect of all right and the conversation ended shortly after that.

Bartlett said he told director Lenoy about the conversation.

Prosecution: Did she make some form of recommendation to you?

Did you meet with a representative from Kilpatrick's office?

Jim Thomas objects.  The attorneys all go to sidebar.

10:15 AM:  Attorneys go to sidebar with the judge.  

Prosecution tells Bartlett asks what he was going to say before interrupting him

Bartlett said after conversation with Kilpatrick he spoke with director Lenoy.  She said something to the effect we had some problems with the paperwork with it not filled out correctly or incomplete.  He said the main point of the conversation was that she would like him to go into the files and look for another organization that is about the same size of grant and similar in the type of the organization that has filled out the paperwork correctly and go to Rep. Kilpatrick's office and show them the proper interim report as a way of illustrating this is the level of detail we're asking for it's not a burden that no other organization is able to do.  He said he did that.