Prosecution asks if he spoke to Derrick Miller and if he knew he was working with Kilpatrick at the time.

Bartlett said yes.

Prosecution asks if he sat down with Derrick Miller

Bartlett said he asks if he spoke to Kilpatrick and that there were concerns about the level of information that needed to be provided.   He said he would explain it to Miller what they needed and he could pass it onto the organizations.

Bartlett said Miller made a comment that he wasn't sure why they needed the level of detail they were asking for.  He said he gave some indication he would pass the information along.

Prosecution asks if he knew someone named Lisa Schumaker and how did he know her.

Bartlett said she was a staff person assigned to the capital outlay of the state budget.  He said Lisa Schumaker was going to take on a colleague's duties.

Prosecution asks if he spoke to Lisa about Detroit 3D or Vanguard.

Bartlett said yes.

Prosecution asks if they spoke or shared information about Carlita Kilpatrick.   Prosecution asks based on the conversation Bartlett had with Schumaker what did you do?

Bartlett said he was quite concerned to hear this and because the Detroit mayoral race was happening, he said he was concerned that they needed to know whether some of the funds which now it appeared were going to Mrs. Kilpatrick, if some of those funds were going into the mayoral campaign.

Prosecution asks if he spoke to Don Gilmer and if he took actions after that.

Bartlett said with his limited knowledge he attempted to see if any of these funds came from these grants.

Prosecution asks when this took place.

Bartlett said it took place in September 2001.

They begin talking about a draft letter Bartlett wrote to Deborah Devine an assistant attorney general who was assigned to the budget office. 

Prosecution shows exhibit SG37 to Bartlett and introduces it into evidence.

Bartlett said his purpose in writing this draft of a letter to the attorney generals office because he was concerned about the possibility of taking action on these grants and he wanted to give Don Gilmer, the state budget director, the ability to ask the direction of our legal counsel if they had to cite this as a reason to stop funding the grants or proceed with action against the grants.

Prosecution asks what his concern was.

Bartlett said they were never advised that Mrs. Kilpatrick would be a recipient of any of the funds.  He said he wanted to be able to have the budget director informed if whether there was a legal issue with Mrs. Kilpatrick receiving the funds. 

They start talking about the second paragraph of the letter.

Bartlett is asking to read it. It talks about state budget director Lenoy received numerous calls and contacts in favor of a grant which had not been applied for yet.

It went onto to say a particular legislator also inquired.  Prosecution asks Bartlett to identity that person and he said it was Rep. Kilpatrick. 

He goes on to read the rest of the letter which talks about continued concerns.  He said the organizations must release adequate information.  He said the organization never provided adequate information.  He said after the first installment was sent they discovered that another party was receiving the funds, Mrs. Kilpatrick.  

The letter went on to say this legislator has repeatedly asks that they be lenient with the funds.   He was referencing Rep. Kilpatrick.