Prosecutor Eric Doeh objects.

Thomas moves to introduce DSG15.  The letter from Senator Stille.

Judge overrules the objection by Doeh.

Thomas references a list Bartlett made for Senator Stille for applications from his district.

Thomas talks about there being 570 applications, some rejected for not having appropriate information.

Bartlett said some were also rejected for not being right for the community. 

Thomas talks about grants approved by Detroit 3D and Vanguard and asks if Bartlett had anything to do with their approval.

Bartlett said he had them in his list of recommendation to director Lenoy for approval. 

Thomas asks if it must list every contractor. 

Bartlett said it was their assumption that the applicant would be providing the work directly.

Thomas said what you're asking was not a requirement but contemplated.

Bartlett said yes. 

Thomas: So you think a $500,000 grant that doesn't relate to anything more specific than dealing with a wide scope of services of residents would not contemplate services provided by people expecting to be paid for their services? 

Bartlett said your question has become more specific.

Thomas asks that it was not prohibitive that Detroit 3D and Vanguard to provide services from contractors who were not included in the grant.

Bartlett you made not the people who paid for the grant.

Thomas said yes.

Bartlett said yes.

Thomas asks again if the applicant can employ other people.

Bartlett says that's a possible arrangement but that is not what our understanding was to be. 

Thomas asks Bartlett if he ever visited Vanguard.

Bartlett said no, but he also said that was not his role. 

Thomas asks if he was aware of Lenoy or Schumaker ever went you there.

Bartlett said no.

Thomas asks about Detroit 3D