Also, another juror, alternate #5, was excused from the jury. Now down to only 4 alternates.


There was a time warp in the courtroom today as jurors heard a younger Kwame Kilpatrick declare that he hadn't used a single penny from the Kilpatrick Civic Fund for his mayoral campaign.

The declaration was made during a mayoral debate between candidates Gil Hill and Kilpatrick which aired on October 28th 2001.

The video was introduced during the testimony of FBI agent Robert Beeckman.

The courtroom watched as a younger, baby-faced Kilpatrick was asked by panelist and Local 4's own Guy Gordon a question on campaign contributions.

"We haven't used one penny, ONE PENNY, of the Civic Fund on this campaign because it's not allowed by law."

The testimony of the next witness, however, revealed this statement may not have been true.

Daniel Gotoff, a survey and polling expert with Lake Partners Research, testified that his company was contracted in the spring of 2001 to conduct exploratory survey research for the Kwame Kilpatrick for Mayor Campaign. And he testified that they were paid for those services with checks from the Kilpatrick Civic Fund.

Three checks from the Kilpatrick Civic Fund to the then Lake Snell Perry & Associates were introduced into evidence by the prosecution. The checks were for $13,158, $8,872 and $14,000. They were all signed by former Kilpatrick Chief of Staff Christine Beatty and Kwame Kilpatrick himself.

Jim Thomas, defense lawyer for Kwame Kilpatrick, argued that under the revised articles of incorporation for the Civic Fund, there was no foul play as long as no specific reference was made to voting for Kilpatrick. Thomas also argued that the research findings exposed city issues which were central to the stipulations addressed in the Civic Fund incorporation agreement and thus ensured a benefit to the community at large.

U.S. Attorney Mark Chutkow swiftly re-directed by asking the witness if any of the survey findings would have been released to the public.

"No that would have been unusual because this type of information is proprietary to the campaign," responded Gotoff.

Earlier in the day, Angela Burris also testified. Burris was a driver for former fund-raiser Emma Bell. She told the court that she drove Bell to the former mayor's offices 10 or 12 times but that she never saw her give him any large amounts of cash. She also said that even though she took Bell to the casinos twice a week, she never had an inkling that she might have a gambling habit.

Court is in recess Monday for Columbus Day. Testimony resumes next Tuesday at 9AM.