Williams concedes that Carlita may have met more than 5 to 10 times. The meetings and the pamphlets is the work Carlita provided.

Bullotta asks Williams about her salary at the time.

Thomas objects. Judge sustains.

Bullotta asks if Williams feels Carlita deserved the $37,500. No says Williams.

11:58AM Jim Thomas cross-examines.

Williams met Kwame before she started at Vanguard in December 1999.

Williams remembers traveling with Kwame to New York.

Knew Kwame from Reverend Vann's church. There was a mutual feeling of support between the 2 says Thomas. Yes answers Williams.

Williams had applied for other grants for Vanguard which had been given.

Williams looking at Exhibit SG 1.

Thomas says doesn't conflict resolution and peer mediation fit in the spectrum of description. Yes says Williams.

Williams says constructive family activities involved whole families not peer to peer mediation.

But Thomas says these are broad terms that could encompass this. Yes agrees Williams.

Carlita met with principal of Sherrard and staff of Vanguard only. Williams knows that she didn't meet other staff at the Sherrard School because she was with Carlita on all her visits to the school.

Williams says she asked Carlita to submit documentation for her work.

Thomas asks if Williams thought she was well-intended. Yes says Williams.

Thomas hands Williams documents. Admits Exhibit D SG 6 into evidence.

Exhibit is a hand-out on Carlita's program listing goals and desired outcomes.

Thomas asks if Williams agrees that at some point in time it was pretty well documented.

Williams flips through pages. "It's a good start," she says.

Thomas asks if she remembers grand jury testimony on Spetember 22nd 2010. When juror asked time frame, if it was a year. No Williams told juror, at first Carlita came a couple of times a week. Over about 3 months.

Williams then added that her memory was faulty and that it could have been over longer than 6 months. It was so long ago, Williams says she can't give exact time frames.

Thomas asks if she knew that Carlita had worked with other schools. Yes says Williams but can't remember what those schools were. Williams believed Carlita an expert when she brought her.

"She was thoughtful and intelligent and I had no reason to believe she wouldn't do good work."

Thomas hands Williams documents about a meeting on September 28th 2000.