9:15AM Court starting late again this morning as the judge and attorneys met in chambers having a discussion about again moving the witness stand. 

Court is now in session. 

Former Lakeshore executive and Detroit contractor Thomas Hardiman is again on the witness stand.

Two weeks ago, Hardiman testified for the government, admitting that he would give bribes and payments to Bobby Ferguson, Hardiman says he was extorted by Ferguson for the payments.

Hardiman is a key prosecution witnesses, as they try to make the case that Ferguson, Kilpatrick and Bernard Kilpatrick used Detroit’s City Hall to run a criminal enterprise. 

Hardiman says he had to pay off Ferguson and when he didn’t his firm lost out on millions in city water department contracts to fix water mains, etc. 

Hardiman has spent several days back on the stand to be questioned by Ferguson’s attorney, Gerald Evelyn.

When Evelyn asks Hardiman direct questions, Hardiman often answers that he doesn’t remember, perhaps giving the jury the idea that Hardiman has a selective memory. 

This morning Gerald Evelyn began:

“We’re going to try to finish this today if we can.” 

Thomas Hardiman: “Thank you.” 

Hardiman says he is here as a government witness because he was subpoenaed to testify. Evelyn says Hardiman is here because he received a deal from a government for his testimony. 


Ferguson began calling Hardiman an “Idiot” in their dealings.

“We argued at times.” Hardiman testified.

“Mr. Ferguson talked to you about getting paid for various things, yes?” Eveyln asks.

“You paid people when you had to, but you didn’t always want to do it.” Evelyn suggests.

“I don’t remember, Mr. Evelyn.” Hardiman says. 

Evelyn says Ferguson mentored Hardiman’s son, Johnny.

Hardiman says the two did talk. 

The two often spoke about work ethic, Evelyn suggests and Hardiman agrees. 

Hardiman agrees that Ferguson was hired by Lakeshore because of his experience and ability to “navigate” the jobs with the city. 

Judge Edmunds is getting frustrated, directing Evelyn to re-direct his questions about Hardiman’s testimony, not “re-plow” issues they’ve already covered. 


Now, a pause in the action.