The judge is playing host to not one, but two “sidebar” sessions at the bench. 

All attorneys are meeting to discuss a concern.

These are issues not shared with the jury.

The jury has to sit there and wait until the issue is resolved. 

This could be the government objecting to Mr. Evelyn questioning Mr. Hardiman about issues that he’s already gone over. 

Okay, here’s the explaining of what’s going on from the judge: 

Judge Edmunds tells the jury that Exhibit DLS-129 was offered and the government objected. The judge sustained the objection and that document will not be shown. 

Ferguson attorney Evelyn is now showing a document on the screen in the courtroom. This is a document that the the judge will allow into evidence. 


Zervos Group, Southfield Michigan is listed on the sheet. 

Ferguson Enterprises is the insuree. It appears to be for $1,000,000. 

The holder of the certificate is Lakeshore Engineering. 

Date: 1/14/09 to 1/12/10 

Ferguson provided the insurance to Lakeshore for that particular job that Lakeshore had a contract for and hired Ferguson to help out with. 

Another document: This one is an email sent in 2009. 

From: Ms. Ware with Ferguson Enterprises 

To: Colt Odeh with Lakeshore 

“Please confirm that this work will be direct work between Lakeshore and Ferguson Enterprises.”

It’s a request for a quote for work. 

Evelyn: “Your company was still doing business or attempting to do business with Ferguson as late as 2010, is that correct?”

Hardiman: “Based on this there appears to be communication between Lakeshore and Mr. Ferguson, yes.” 

Hardiman says by 2007 he was not intimidated by Ferguson.

He says Ferguson could do the work that was needed.

Eveyln again tries to bring up earlier testimony that in on case, Ferguson “came to the rescue” of Lakeshore by fixing a broken water main in the city. 

And now the government is asking for another sidebar.