8:36AM Video screen just turns on. Bobby Ferguson defense lawyer Susan Van Dusen sits alone at the defendants table. Next in is Bernard Kilpatrick, in a light beige suit, who greets Van Dusen as he takes his seat at the table.

Emma Bell, former fundraiser for Kwame Kilpatrick, may be testifying at the end of the day. Bell plead guilty to tax evasion last year- she admitted that she had received more than $500,000 from many Kilpatrick fund-raisers but never paid any taxes on the amount. She was sentenced to 18 months in jail but may see that amount reduced after her testimony. The defense has already labeled Bell a greedy gambler.

8:45AM Kwame Kilpatrick in a brown suit and pink tie enters the courtroom with lawyer Michael Naughton. Goes straight to his father and they grasp hands.

Courtroom slowly but surely filling up. Mike Rataj, lawyer for Bobby Ferguson, takes his seat next to Van Dusen.

8:55AM Pretty much everyone is in the courtroom except the judge. Victor Mercado snuck into his corner when I wasn't looking and Bobby Ferguson is powwowing closely with Kwame. Lots of emphatic gestures.

Wasn't here yesterday so was interested to hear they let the sleeping juror go. Guess narcolepsy and jury duty are sort of incompatible.

9:04AM Judge Nancy Edmunds enters the courtroom.

Jurors told judge that they would like exhibit numbers better organized so they can follow along better.

9:05AM Judge will tell jurors that letters at beginning of numbers stand for different chapters.

9:06AM Kelly Bartlett retakes the stand to continue testimony.

He was cut off yesterday to bring in Oshinski.

Judge tells jurors she passed along their concerns and explains the designations. For example, SG stands for State Grant.

9:08AM Van Dusen questions Bartlett.

Reminds him about interview with FBI. He did due diligence in reviewing grant applications.

He reviewed paperwork to enable state recommendation.

Van Dusen asks about due diligence to history of charitable involvement. No he says due to time constraints.

He reviewed specifically the applications.

SG 11-2 on the overhead.  Government counsel already took him through the paragraph. Application consists of 2 pages. Actually three he says.

SG 11-3, the next page, is on overhead.

This particular item requests target clientele identification or special project benefits to the community.  Boxes checked children, school groups, economic development and senior citizens. This application by 3D they represent economic development as special project says Van Dusen. Yes says Bartlett.

Van Dusen says you consider entire application. Yes says Bartlett.

So economic development part of the project. Yes he says.


9:14AM Eric Doeh redirects for government.

What is economic development says Doeh. In several cases of grants, economic development would be, like for a tourism grant, more tourists will come and community will benefit. In other cases, harder to discern. In 3D, it might be more closely tied to community development.