Doeh asks if remodeling of office economic development.

Van Dusen objects. Overruled.

It would be dubious of a representation that there would be benefit to community form that.

Jim Thomas asked you a question about email with Don Gilmore.

Bartlett reads email. "Talked this morning with Donna Williams to resubmit grant without using U.N.I.T.E.:" Told her I was concerned about renovation costs.

Bartlett pointed out close to last sentence in email. They had had numerous issues with paperwork.

They were concerned about renovation costs. After discussion, would not object to them as reimbursable costs.

This was in regards to Vanguard renovation not # D. Witness can't recall.

Doeh asks if he knows who Donna Williams is. Witness doesn't recall her or who she is associated with.

Often in the office, referred to the grants interchangeably.

Bartlett did not authorize any grants at all. Understanding is that Detroit 3D got no further payments.

9:20AM Jim Thomas redirects.

Email from Don Gilmore dated December 4th 2001. Bartlett was CCed on the email.

Thomas says talking about Donna Williams and services rendered. Thomas asks remember there was a problem with Vanguard renovation costs. not only renovation costs but purchase of a property says witness.

As relates to Vanguard says Thomas, renovation costs were allowed with proper documentation. Yes says Bartlett. Sentiment in Budget Office was that we had a surprise with the grant.

Thomas says head of grant will allow it to go ahead with new proper documentation.

Thomas asks about send half being granted to Vanguard. Bartlett vaguely recalls that happened.

Doeh objects. Sustained.

Thomas shows previous exhibits D SG 12 to witness and asks if it looks like Treasurer's Warrant to Vanguard for $150,000. Yes it does says witness. He wasn't involved in issuance of checks.

Previously shown Gilmore's email saying he wouldn't object to reimbursable costs with proper documentation.

Thomas shows D SG 13. Second check for $150,000 to Vanguard. Dated January 3rd 2002.

Thomas says 30 days later check goes to Vanguard.

9:27AM Van Dusen redirects.

Would you consider as economic development the establishment of training area. Could be, sure says witness.

Purchase of materials, training people in estimating jobs for construction sites? Yes says witness.