Earlier in his testimony, Sauer revealed that between 2003 and 2008, Bell received a total of $904,051.19 from four Kilpatrick-related entities including Kilpatrick for Mayor, the Next Vision Foundation, Kilpatrick Inaugural Committee and the Kilpatrick Civic Fund.

The government alleges that Bell kickbacked more than $250,000 to Kwame Kilpatrick, essentially paying him 50% on any amount greater than $5,000.

Bell had initially told investigators that she split anything over $25,000 with Kilpatrick because she didn't want Kwame to appear "petty" in splitting smaller amounts.

Thomas tried to poke holes in Bell's credibility by getting Sauer to admit she hadn't filed tax returns in possibly more than 20 years, kept bank account balances low to avoid triggering suspicion and had a drinking habit.

Oh, and possibly a little gambling problem too.

Greektown Casino records introduced into evidence today by the defense indicated that Bell had a particular proclivity for the coin slots. In 2005, Bell gambled $170, 863 in coin slots and lost $15, 924. In 2006, she gambled $569, 868.34 and lost $39,276. In 2007, she gambled $788,950 ultimately losing $56,325 and in 2008, Bell gambled $803,022.29 and lost more than $82,000.

Thomas also dug into Sauer for not obtaining records from other casinos and for the defense's ability to uncover a further $42,000 paid out to Emma Bell in August 2003 that government investigators had failed to find. He also referred back to Sauer's grand jury testimony in 2010 where he told a juror "No, we haven't established a correlation between money Emma Bell received and payments made into Kwame's account."

Lastly, Thomas had Sauer read from one of his memorandums where he stated that "EB stored cashier's checks in her mattress or drawer".

The only other witness this morning was Kelly Bartlett, former legislative liaison for the State Budget Office, who continued testimony from yesterday.

Emma Bell is expected to testify tomorrow,. Court resumes at 9AM.

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