All to provide skills for the community, demolition, economic development? Yes says witness though hard to think of demolition as development.

So the establishment of training area would be economic development. It would be in this instance. Don't remember any discussion about facilities. Remember problems with paper work.

Van Dusen says aware of letter sent by Detroit 3D that sum of money had been sent to establish training area. Witness doesn't recall how colleagues came to knowledge that property was purchase.

Sir did I says anything about a facility being purchased. Witness says you spoke of training facility.

Van Dusen says you weren't even involved in that part. Yes says witness.

Ends. Bartlett excused.

9:32AM Government calls IRS agent Ron Sauer. AGAIN.

Micheal Bullotta for government asks if Sauer received certified records for Secretary of State office. Yes says Sauer.

SG 8A submitted. Put it on the overhead.

The documents is file endorsement. Going to transact business as U.N.I.T.E. It's the incorporation document.

The company that filed the company in Detroit, EVO Accounting. Sauer says also used by Detroit 3D. Grant funds also used to pay for their services.

Document signed by Carlita Kilpatrick. A for profit corporation on July 26th, 2000 is incorporated.

Date of transfer of money from State of Michigan October 5th 2000. Less than 3 months after U.N.I.T.E is incorporated.

Date of December 15th 2000- $100,000 wire transferred to U.N.I.T.E account.

Bullotta wants to talk about Emma Bell. Sauer says she was primary fund-raiser for Kwame. Subpoenaed her accounts at First Independence Bank. Created a spreadsheet of payments from various fund-raiser entities.

Looking at summary of payments Emma Bell received and details of what happened with the transactions. Sauer trying to verify what happened with the checks.

EB 6 goes into evidence. Looking at first page.

Date check cleared on 1st column. August 6th 2003. Area in middle is entity paying Miss Bell. Next is dollar amount.

Sauer checked and saw what happened to checks after received. If cashier's checks purchased how much. Payments into her account.

Defense requested records. Got one showing payment on august 6th, 2003 to Miss Bell for $42,000.

another record from January 6th, 2006. 50K total. Emma Bell received $10,000 of that in cash and $40,000 in cashier's checks- 4 cashier's checks: 3 in 10k to Emma Bell and 1 for 10k to Angela Burris. Emma Bell came back and deposited 10k at First Independence Bank and took out $2,000 in cash.

EB 6A. Date that check cleared is January 17th, 2006. Check negotiated at First Independence Bank. On that same day, Emma Bella received 10,000 in cash and $40,000 in cashier's checks. On different dates, she took those cashier's checks and deposited them and received cash for $10,000.

Transaction on June 8th 2006. 85 K received for Kilpatrick for Mayor. Emma Bell received $9,747,47 in cash and the balance was $75,252.63 in cashier's checks. Cashier's checks taken back to First Independence Bank and cashed and Bell took various amounts in cash out.

EB 6A- detailed chart for money. May 4th, 2007" Kilpatrick for Mayor and Inaugural committee: check for $50,000. Bell got 10k in cash and $38,500 in cashier's checks to Lafayette Towers, Emma Bell, Angela Burress.

On May 8th 2007 she cashed 10k and got $9,500 in cash. She also deposited $500 into her account.