The time frame for checks was 2003 through 2008. The money was from Kilpatrick for Mayor, Next Vision Foundation, Kilpatrick Inaugural Committee and Kilpatrick Civic Fund. Total was $904,051.19.

9:54AM Thomas cross-examines.

Next Vision foundation not related to Kwame says Thomas. Yes it was, paid salary to Carlita Kilpatrick.

Included Next Vision foundation. Correct says Sauer.

Some money came from Civic Fund into the more than 900k. Correct says Sauer.

Thomas says do you understand that a person can draw a salary from a Civic Fund. Correct says Sauer.

Bell was indicating 10 to 15% of money taken from what she was raising. Correct says Sauer.

You understand that a part was her fee as fund-raiser. Correct says Sauer.

Between 2003 and 2008. Correct says Sauer.

She was drawing checks from funds says Thomas. Also reflects amount converted to cashier's checks. Correct says Sauer.

Investigation indicated an accountant, Mr. Terrell for Civic Fund, and William Phillips lawyer involved in civic Fund? Correct says Sauer.

Kwame Kilpatrick removed name from checks and was no longer a co-signer and Civic Fund and that was relegated to Christine Beatty. Well signing of checks was says witness.

Emma Bell had no authority for signing checks says Thomas. Correct says Sauer.

Bell had problems with IRS for 10 to 12years. Yes says Sauer.

Able to confirm it? Yes says Sauer

Bell kept balances low? Purpose was to avoid IRS levies says Sauer. Levy is a one-time thing says Sauer.

Thomas says there was a period where she had $100,00 over Christmas and then took it out after vacation. Don't know about that says Sauer.

The checks were written to Miss Bell's name personally. Entities giving that money to Bell says Sauer.

Sauer says generally Bell took cashier's checks back to First Independence Bank and cashed them there.

Any evidence she took those cashier's checks to casino asks Thomas. No evidence of that Sauer.

Sauer says Bell told them that tax problems went back possibly even before the 80s.

Thomas says she didn't file returns for at least 20 years. May have been says Sauer.

Thomas says cashier's checks may be a way of avoiding payment on money. Sure says Sauer. 

Thomas asks if it is harder to track money after awhile. No.

Thomas says are you aware we were able to get more detail than you did with subpoena?