Thomas says things are magically appearing as Naugton hands him documents.

Bullotta, Chutkow, Bob Beckman and Hunt were at the meeting says Sauer. It was a pretty long meeting.

Most meetings pretty long says Thomas? I don't remember says Sauer.

Suffice it to says she was there with lawyer as request to come in? I believe as request says Sauer. taxes and structuring transactions. Don't know if she was structuring says Sauer. Think we had that conversation at some point. 

How many meetings have you sat in with a Kastigar letter? Maybe 50 says Sauer.

Lying would put her in a position where she would lose benefit of letter. Yes says Sauer.

It was a long meeting and we reconvened says Sauer.

Thomas says what is also clear is that she told you of a scheme that she was paying a percentage to Kilpatrick. Yes a percentage of what she was receiving from Kilpatrick entities says Sauer.

Thomas says she didn't pay them on any amount less than 25k? Correct says Sauer.

And she lied says Thomas? She did says Sauer.

She lied about the amount of checks that she split? Yes says Sauer. She actually split amounts that were lower.

Sauer was very interested in Kilpatrick receiving cash kickbacks. Once Bell told us that after conferring with her attorney, I was very interested.

She changed to say that she gave 50% on anything over 5k to Kilpatrick? Yes says Sauer.

Thomas says she waited 6 days to change her story. Yes.

Sauer says her explanation for not telling the truth was that she didn't want Kwame to look "petty" for taking kickbacks.

That would indicate she was having more meeting with Kilpatrick to give home money? Yes says Sauer.

You realize that in giving him more money lessened her exposure in any way? I don't think so.

You are aware that she was able to plead to reduced charges. What reduced charges says Sauer? I know she plead guilty to tax evasion.

10:51AM On 20 minute break. Just an FYI on the whole "Kastigar" letter issue. Apparently, Bell signed a Kastigar document with the government- it's a kind of document that is used to grant info that is valuable to the government without any risk of self-incrimination. Thomas is obviously insinuating that it behooves Bell to provide the government with information on Kwame Kilpatrick in order to get a better deal. Looking unlikely that Bell will testify today. If she does, she will be the first "co-operating" witness to take the stand. The judge has already instructed jurors to take co-operating witness testimony with a grain of salt.

11:00AM Judge enters courtroom. Bobby has switched seats at the defendants' table and is now sitting next to Kwame. Lawyer Gerald Evelyn comes and sits between them.

Courtroom is packed.

Thomas gets up to the stand to continue his cross-examination? Sauer says can't remember which meeting it was discussed.

Asks Sauer about issue of Emma Bell knowing how a certain amount would trigger a transaction report. Was it first meeting.

Sauer says it looks like March 18th 2010 from looking at document was when it was mentioned.

Looks like she had a conversation with a bank official who offered her info on the amounts that would trigger. that individual got fired as a result. Don't know says Sauer.