Looking at EB 6. Thomas says you've found even more info since- more that defense provided you? Yes says Sauer a 42K check on August 6th 2003 for Emma Bell.

Looking at chart on amount of 25k paid to Emma Bell.

Bell took check and got $3,216 in cash, then got $18,484 in cashier's checks and $3,000 posted to her account.

On that chart, indicates she paid Kwame on that date between 10 and 15 thousand dollars.

Thomas says did you subpoena records at Greek town casinos? Yes says Sauer I believe in 2010.

Thomas says you were looking for correlation to Kilpatrick using money for credit card bills. Sauer says there was a correlation.

Sauer says going off memory, there was some correlation on dates.

Thomas says going back to records, refer to D EB 1, and I'll show you the document.

Investigation of account says she kept numbers low asks Thomas? Would you agree that the $3,000 wouldn't be there very long. Would have to check my records says Sauer.

Sauer says cashier's checks would be paid to other entities so she wouldn't have that total 18k.

On that day, series of transactions that occurred. Looking at bank statements reflecting cashier's checks. Out of the $18,424 she made cashier's checks- amongst them to Lafayette Towers and University Physician Group.

Looking at document may seem that Bell would be behind on rent. Could be yes says Sauer.

Of the 18k, a total of $12,046 was made out to Emma Bell.

Thomas asks about Greek Town gambling records for Bell. I have not says Sauer.

Bell could have had previous cashier's checks made out to her says Sauer.

Thomas asks if Sauer sees any gambling activity in the documents. Thomas says that reflects gambling at Greek town casino on that particular day.

Sauer looks at documents from defense yesterday.

Sauer received different gambling documents on Emma Bell. Not in the same format.

On May 8th, 2008 do you see figures totaling more than 9k. I do says Sauer.

Thomas says were you aware that on that day, Bell put into play more than $9,000 in gross bets.

Sauer says "gross bets to me is a pretty slippery number."

Thomas says would say that is significant gambling for a person on a single day. Sauer says I'd say it looks like she was gambling.

Sauer says we did pull Greek town records.

Defense submits document for Greektown gambling of Emma Bell. In 2005- slot coin in $170, 863. She lost $15, 924. in 2006, she gambled $569, 868.34 and lost $39,276. In 2007, put $788,950 in coin slots and lost $56,325. in 2008, she put in $803,022.29 and lost more than $82,000.

Thomas says there is no corroboration for her statement that she gave money to Kilpatrick. There is says Sauer.