Thomas says do you have any phone records of Emma Bell calling the Mayor's Office? Yes says Sauer.

Didn't she tell you that she'd just show up? Yes says Sauer.

And when she went with her money in her bra or her purse, did anyone ever see her hand money to Kwame.? No says Sauer.

Was there any text message between Emma Bell and Kwame over giving him money? I don't believe we have Emma Bell's text messages says Sauer.

Her corroboration is that she went to the bank and had cashier's checks put into cash? In addition to cash activity that Mayor Kilpatrick had through his accounts.

Thomas says do you remember going to grand jury in 2010? Yes says Sauer.

Do you remember a juror asking about a correlation to Kilpatrick? Yes.

Do you remember saying "No, we haven't established a correlation between money Emma Bell received and payments into Kwame's account?" I do says Sauer.

These agreement does not have her pleading guilty to money laundering? Correct says Sauer.

Money laundering typically a higher penalty? Yes says Sauer.

Sauer says Miss Bell took responsibility for full amount of money.

As a result of not pleading to money laundering her sentence was reduced? I can't agree to that.

The sentence guideline is 18-24 months? Yes.

As a result of co-operating, can have it reduced to as much as 9 to 10 months? Correct says Sauer.

November 27th 1006, Emma Bell said in testimony that at time she was giving Kwame 50% of money she was generating? Yes says Sauer, her assertion is she was splitting anything over 5k with Kwame.

April 26th, 2010 Memo. Look at chart.

Thomas says this woman had a gambling habit. correct.

Also acknowledged she was an alcoholic. Not in those words but yes she said she had a drinking habit.

She had financial problems? Don't know that Mr. Thomas.

Thomas says she came up to you with statement that she came up to Kwame with $50,000 and he "told her he could keep it, it was her birthday." I don't remember exactly but remember a birthday.

I don't have a specific memory but could refresh my memory.

Do you think that's an improbable event.

Bullotta objects. Judge says yes, show him documents Mr. Thomas.

Sauer says it doesn't say anything Mr. Thomas about a conversation between Bell and Kwame.

Thomas says I asked if it refreshed your memory? It does says Sauer.