Sauer says there is nothing in my memorandum about them talking about keeping the $50k.

Judge interrupts and says no foundation for question.

Thomas says are you saying that Emma Bell stole 50k. I wouldn't say that says Sauer.

Sauer says she converted the checks and kicked back a portion to Mr. Kilpatrick.

Bullotta objects to Thomas questioning. Judge sustains and says give him back records.

Sauer says report reflects Bell kept entire amount.

No more cross-examination.

11:48AM Bullotta redirects.

Conversation on November 27th 2007 about 50k. "Bell stated that she did not share the 50k because it was around her birthday." Kilpatrick never questioned her actions.

Looking at summary from Greek town of Emma Bell's gambling activity. EB 9.

Sauer says shows slot coin in vs. slot coin out. Bullotta asks would she still be making money to cover losses in 2005. Yes says Sauer.

In 2006, same question. Would she have enough to cover loss, even if she split half with Kwame. Yes says Sauer.

Same for 2007 and 2008.

Any change between March 2010 and today? Yes says Sauer, we talked to Emma Bell.

Bullotta shows columns. Sauer says it is range of kickback estimates Bell says she paid Kilpatrick.

Thomas asks for instruction. Judge explains that defense has no obligation to provide evidence or documentation.

Why were you having ongoing meetings with Emma Bell. To show her cashier's check activity.

Bullotta says first time you met Bell in March 2010. Report covers both first and second meetings in March.

Sauer says beginning of second meeting she said that though initially she said she split only checks above 25k with Kwame, she recanted and said it was anything over 5k that she split.

What was her demeanor like? I observed that it was painful for her to tell us about the kickbacks with Kwame says Sauer.

Originally she would have been splitting less checks. with her change, she was splitting more.

Miss Bell told us in the interview she didn't want Kwame to appear petty splitting the smaller amounts. she said she thought of him as a son.

Bullotta asks if IRS saw any evidence she was hiding income. Yes says Sauer.

In her plea deal, is Bell held accountable for the more than $904,000. Yes says Sauer.

So she is owing more than 300k? Yes says Sauer.