Sauer says specific correlation is difficult to make because it is so easy to conceal cash at home.

Bullotta asks is she had specific check info for amount she paid to Kwame? No she did not says Sauer.

Sauer says Ms. Burris drove Emma Bell around.

Are you aware of some text messages on Emma Bell and Kwame meeting for money? Yes.

12:03PM Thomas redirects.

Burris never told you where in the building Emma Bell was going? Correct says Sauer.

Thomas says you are relying only on what Emma Bell said. Burris said only that she drove to the City county building.

Sauer says I believe we have documents that show cash transactions on both ends.

Thomas says any tape recordings on receiving money? No says Sauer there are text messages...

I said recordings interrupts Thomas.

Told grand jury there was no direct correlation?

There are larger deposits and payments onto the credit card says Sauer.

Thomas says did you ever go to Chase bank to see if he had amounts taken out of the bank? Did you go to bank says Sauer.

Sauer says that Kilpatrick rarely took large amounts out of the bank.

Judge says you need to go into the scope of redirect.

I am your honor says Thomas. Looking at Greektown records.

As I told you in previous testimony, I think your number is a slippery number says Sauer to Thomas. You're looking at the same money coming in and out.

Slippery or not, not typical activity. That's lots of gambling activity.

Chart totaling money Emma Bell received from Kilpatrick related entities:

2003: $119,000

2004: $131,325

2005: $52,004

2006: $256,000.24

2007: $278,221.75

2008: $67,500