The 21st Century organization? No.

Government asked you only specific question "what would you do if"?

Judge interrupts and says that is not what she said.

Witness says they asked her if donation was used for political purposes.

Thomas asks personal or political? Political I believe.

Assumption about employees of Civic Fund. Do you know if Kilpatrick received salary? No.

Witness excused. 

9:20AM New witness sworn in.

Blackwell for government.

Michael Nairne. Works at Chicago Equity Partners. Does Sales and Client Services. they manage institutional assets for pension funds.

At some point they had business with Detroit Police and Fire pension fund from 2006 to 2010.

KCF 99A- exhibit is a fax. Solicitation from Emma Bell sent August 24th 2007.

180 North Lasalle in Chicago is the address of Chicago Equity Partners.

Letter sates purposes of fund and what it was meant for. Witness took it to help and promote civic activities in Detroit.

Witness reads "sponsoring "Get Out the Vote" rallies, co-sponsoring charity little League football team from northwest Detroit, and sponsoring seminras on economic empowerment.

Witness made decision to donate based on the letter. Says it was keeping with what firm had done in the past. Different city and state charity events.

Witness says donation delivered to event in 2007.

KCF 1 and 2- Check from Chicago Equity Partners dated August 28th, 2007 for $2,500.

The event had many business leaders and the mayor.

Witness talked to Jeff Beasley about contribution. witness went back to firm to increase the donation.

Second donation was for $7,500. Beasley was Treasurer for Detroit at the time.

Exhibit 103 handed to witness is the check for $7,500 from Chicago Equity Partners to KCF. Dated September 10th 2007.

Third donation for $10,000 the following year. Had received another solicitation from Emma Bell via fax- KCF 99.

Another letter stating purposes of the Civic Fund. Again puposes to assist Detroit Community organizations.

KCF 101- another check for $10,000 from Chicago Equity Partners June 24th 2008.