Impact philanthropy payment was not a payment to you? No it was a contribution.

Your relationship with Kwame was a good one? Yes.

Did you have an opinion on Kwame? No. I work with lots of different clients.

Service and life choices were things you were able to observe with Kwame? Yes.

You didn't solicit the money, it arose from conversation? Yes.

11:30AM Bullotta redirects.

You said you don't know April Edgar? No.

But you do know Kandia Milton? Yes.

Who would have been billed for services?

Thomas objects.

Bullotta asks for KCF 54- who would have been billed for services? The mayor.

Second check, who would have been billed? The mayor.

What was your goal? My goal in any crisis is to help client navigate the crisis. The key component of the crisis was legal.

Was your goal to help city of Detroit? No.

Is part of what you do getting the client to face truth of situation?

Thomas objects.

What did you tell Kwame about facing the truth? I don't recall speaking to client about that particular issue.

11:33AM Thomas redirects.

You weren't his lawyer? No.

Witness says that when they deal with crisis, they always start with objective.

Was his image any part of that goal? I think for us because of the looming situation, the legal was most important.

you were aware he plead guilty? Yes.

He did acknowledge responsibility for what he did? Yes you have to.

Thomas consults with Kwame.

You've worked in crisis management for other individuals, political and businessmen? Yes but I can't say because of confidentiality agreement.