How you are paid, the decision on how to pay you, you don't get engaged in that? Correct.

And they will make that decision based on appropriate factors? Correct.

11:36AM Bullotta calls William Brane Scott.

Witness wearing a mock turtleneck and navy v-neck sweater. Must be another investment guy.

Wrong- he's a golf club salesman! King par Superstore in flushing, Michigan. Was also employed at Tom Deaton's Golf Center in Howell. Butch Rhodes was Kwame's golf instructor.

At some point, Rhode's gave him a check. KCF 10- payment for clubs and a staff bag.

A check from KCF to Tom Deaton Driving Range for $3,050 on September 14th 2008.

Thomas objects. Judge sustains and says lay foundation.

Had ordered golf clubs and bag embroidered "the Mayor".

The clubs were stainless titanium and unitized putter. Witness says set was "good stuff". "Nike makes good stuff"

Nike did embroidering.

Witness provided bags and clubs to Rhodes.

Was it something less than the check? Witness doesn't know to a dollar amount.

Witness says it was rung up on register as that total.

Do you know what the Kilpatrick Civic fund was? No.

What was your relationship with Rhodes? He brought in clients from time to time.

Witness says Rhodes was a PGA instructor.

11:45AM Thomas cross examines.

You didn't know what the clubs would be used for? I disagree.

Did you know if business would be conducted with those clubs? No.

Fund-raising with the clubs? No.

You never met Kwame? No.

He never picked up clubs? No.

Witness says Rhodes told him the clubs were for Kwame.

You got check from Mr. Rhodes? Yes.