You don't know what was said when check was delivered? To my hands asks witness?

No, to Mr. Rhodes says Thomas. No says witness.

Witness steps down.

11:47AM Bullotta recalls FBI Agent Bob Beeckman to the stand.

Thomas asks for sidebar.

That was all Mr. Rhodes? yes.

11:50AM Agent beeckman back in stand.

In June 2007, did you obtain judicial permission for wiretap? Yes.

Was one of those a cell phone for Bernard Kilpatrick? Yes.

Did you monitor that cell phone? Yes.

Did you listen to those calls? Yes almost all of them.

Witness heard Bernard, Kwame and Ayanna were familiar.

Bobby Ferguson? Yes Bobby Ferguson.

Fall 2008 when Kwame went to Wayne county Jail. Did you get recordings? Yes.

Did you get any other wire tapes for other defendants in the room? No.

Witness says Wayne County Jail records all call in computer system and held. Prisoners told that calls are recorded.

KCF 88 shown on overhead. Beeckman says it's a $2,500 check to Athenaeum Hotel for a party for Marvell Cheeks on May 8th 2009.

Interviewed Sophia Plastiras of the Athenaeum.

KCF 89- document spells out particulars of party. Event planning document.

Document says "Cheeks 90th Birthday Celebration" Kwame's grandfather. Marsha Cheeks, Kwame's aunt listed. Arranged by Sophia Plastiras.

Document sets up menu, describes various dinner items.

Lists for 140 adults.

KCF 87A- a phone call between Kwame and Ayanna and they are planning this particular party.

Bullotta asks that the transcript be passed out to the jury before it is played out. Call in evidence, not the transcript says the judge.

Date is November 27th 2008, call from Wayne County Jail.