Kwame to Ayanna:

"Momma we gotta do something really nice for grandaddy's birthday." Referring to Marvell Cheeks.

"Get a big band to play like show tunes."

"Get like a DJ to play that big band sound."

"Get people in the community to give him things."

"Larry get him a suit" Witness says that is Larry Alebiosu of Fashion International in Southfield.

"Somebody present him a  hat, somebody present him a coat. And checks!"

"It shouldn't be like a straight party."

"Gotta go and get that 8th Floor!"- Where are the banquet halls at Athenaeum? 8th Floor says witness.

Another call on August 28th 2007- call between Bernard Kilpatrick and Abner McWhorter of Expression Publishing in Detroit. Witness says he obtained money from the pension fund.

Bernard tells McWhorter about an event for Kilpatrick Civic Fund and asks him to step up and make a donation.

Judge tells jurors not to write on transcripts because government will be taking them back.

Call played for jury. B: "Jeff is having a thing for mayor for mayor at the Athenaeum. and they want you to step up.

A:"How much?"

B: "Big sellers. 20.25. If you can do 5, that would be really cool."

How is Jeff being referred to? Jeff Beasley.

Was he on the board? Yes.

Wire taps in December 2007. Did you learn Bernard was going on trip? Yes.

Where? Orlando, Florida.

KCF 42A and B.

John Shea objects. Judge sustains.

Judge reminds jurors that it is call itself in evidence.

Talking about Bernard Kilpatrick's hotel stay. Witness says the hotel is called Gaylord Palms. December 28th. Talking to Kwame.

B: "They got a check cashing, a firm that certifies the check."

"I guess Chris would have to call the certigy(?)."