"So umm. she could do it."

K: "Can you all check in."

B: "Yeah."

K: "I'll get it straight on Monday."

Bernard gives Kwame #- "1-800-237-4851."

Kwame: "We got a credit card. Chris. she out shopping right now."

Bernard: "She can authorize the 5?"

Kwame: "Yeah."

Bernard: "That would be a lot easier.

Who is Chris referred to? Christine Beatty.

How else was in Florida at same time? Kwame Kilpatrick and family. They come several days later. Diarra and Ayanna Kilpatrick. Daniel Ferguson. Ayanna's children. Christine Beatty comes later.

What is the check being certified? Witness says it is a civic fund check that does not get negotiated.

Were there Civic Fund debit cards? Yes.

Exhibit KCF 43- debit card record from bank showing charges at hotel in Florida. the Marriott Cyprus Harbor. They moved there.

KCF 42- Marriott records. Document shows charges for Bernard's stay. Date of record January 2nd 2008.

Thomas and Kwame leaning into each other talking. John Shea, lawyer for Bernard, writing furious notes.

Bullotta asks about 2 charges for $367.89. What is date? January 3rd 2008.

Charges paid? Payment is January 3rd 2008.

KCF 43- debit fund records. 2 charges for $367.89 on January 4th.

The call was made on the 28th of December.

Did you listen to other calls of Bernard in Florida? Yes.

What was he doing? Went golfing. Kids went to Sea World.

Did Bernard ever discuss fund-raising? No.

Bullotta ends.

12:25PM John Shea cross-examines.