KCF 107- in this call Bernard asked McWhorter to step up? Yes.

But in fact the call said that Jeff wanted McWhorter to step up? Yes, well I believe it's "They want you to step up."

Witness says you are correct it wasn't Bernard that asked.

Juror asks to have it played again. Clearly says "THEY want you to step up." "If you can do 5, that would be real cool."

Shea so conversation is about Jeff having thing for mayor at Athenaeum? yes.

And the "he' referred to is Jeff Beasley? Correct.

Moving on to Orlando. Bernard standing at hotel desk checking in? Correct.

Can't check in with check because hotel needs additional info to certify check? Yes.

Check drawn on Lasalle Bank? Correct.

Associated in some way to Christine Beatty? Correct.

No Kilpatrick Civic Fund monies spent on Florida stay, correct? Yes.

Bernard had companion? Yes, girlfriend Samantha Hoskins.

No evidence of Civic Fund paying for anyone's stay? No.

Bernard stayed December 30th, 31st and 1st? Yes.

So flying home January 2nd 2008? Yes.

Bernard left after 3 night stay of $122? Yes.

D BKF 1- witness says that it's Bernard's American Express credit card statements. First statement date 12/25/07, last closing date 01/04/08.

Shea says documents originally came from government to him. Yes says witness.

The Amex sheet shows flight charges including 1 ticket in Bernard's name and the other in the name for Samantha Hoskins. Also a ticket for Diarra Kilpatrick.

January 2nd charge for Enterprise rental car for more than $1,000.

Mr. Kilpatrick didn't check in until December 30th? correct.

The only expense on this multi thousand dollar trip would the the $367 room charge? Yes.

12:42AM Thomas cross-examines.

You didn't have anyone in Florida? No.

Who Kwame met with you don't know? No.