You don't know if they had a legitimate Civic Fund purpose? No.

You don't know if they met with people and what they discussed? No.

Going to Marvell Cheeks party. Playing back conversation between Kwame and Ayanna.

You were privy to all his conversations? Yes.

Even personal ones? Yes.

This particular one was with Ayanna? Yes.

You overheard conversations with his mother? wife and children? Yes.

Apparently Kwame and sister are talking about birthday party for grandfather? Yes.

"It shouldn't be like a straight party."

The assertion of Henry the Hatter or Larry giving a gift would be totally appropriate? Yes.

Larry and Henry didn't have contracts with city? No.

Any agents at the birthday party? No.

Do you know how many people were invited? Yes. 140.

And we know that because it's listed. Let's take a look at what they are eating: Mixed greens, chicken tarragon, oven roasted potatoes, vegetable medley, rolls and butter, large sheet cake with "Happy 90th birthday."

Looks like total cost is $7,205.26? $2,500 paid by KCF check and there is a second cashier's check for $3,800.

Were there subsequent payments? May have been one in cash.

And there seems to be a decision that entire bill not paid by KCF? Yes.

And FBI wasn't at the party? "No. We weren't invited."

You did interview Christine Beatty? Yes.

Did you ask her about this party? May have. Can't remember.

Were you aware statutorily that Jeff Beasley not appointed by Kwame? Yes.

His appointment was by statute? Yes.

There is no appointment by Kwame of a Treasurer? Correct.

The jailhouse conversation with Ayanna was after he had resigned as mayor? Yes.

Do you know where Mr. Kilpatrick was at time of this party? No.