Would the firm have donated if it knew it was being used for personal purposes? No.

Thomas objects.

Would you have donated if you knew it was used for political purposes? No.

9:32AM Thomas cross examines.

Have you met Kwame? Yes.

Donating in an effort to spread goodwill for Chicago Equity? Yes and for the city we were working in.

Did you know KCF was a 501c4 corp.? Don't know what that is.

Have you donated to other civic minded corporations? Yes.

Thomas says on initial invite there was attention Jim Papas? Yes.

Anything unusual in your dealings with Papas? No.

Had dealings with Emma Bell? Yes.

Looking at exhibit 99A- Thomas takes witness back through Civic fund purposes.

You were aware of these when you donated each time? Yes.

Did you suspect that the corporation you were donating to would have expenses? Didn't give it any thought but yes.

Did you think they might have employees? Yes.

The decisions on expenditures did you know how that would be made? No.

Did you know that the Civic Fund could get involved in political campaigns? No not based on the letter.

Education about particular candidates without saying vote for, would that be appropriate? Don't know about that.

Looking at letter where it says "Sponsoring "Get Out the Vote Rallies"- did you know they did that? No.

Who did you talk to about this? Remember being interviewed on 3 or 4 occasions? Not sure exactly what you're referring to.

Do you know who served you the subpoena to be here? No.

Did you talk to a government agent before receiving subpoena? No.

Who did you talk to after? Sauer? Beeckman? Don't remember.

Did they tell you there were things Civic Fund had done to promote civic welfare? No.

You don't know that Kilpatrick used donations for personal purposes? No.