Witness says that he was told the donations were misused.

Thomas says you are relying on that to say you wouldn't have contributed? Yes.

Would you have contributed to football leagues for kids? Yes.

For churches? Just to support a church, i wouldn't necessarily think that was appropriate.

Thomas says hundreds of thousands went to education, churches, NAACP. Isn't that something you would have contributed to? Yes.

Don't you think there might be employee expenditures, travel, renting, cars? Yes.

9:44AM Blackwell redirects.

What is the last line of the letter? Witness reads "No funds donated to political campaign."

Would you have recommended it to use if you knew it was for Kwame Kilpatrick political campaigning? No.

To go to the La Costa resort for $8k? No.

9:45AM Thomas redirects.

What if Kwame went to La Costa resort and met with someone to get funds, is that legitimate?

Blackwell objects. Judge sustains saying there is no evidence that donor solicitation occurred. No evidence in the record to support that.

What about travel for raising funds and expenditures like airfare, hotels and food- could you see that? Yes.

Witness excused.

9:47AM Blackwell calls new witness.

Audio silence for sidebar.

9:53AM Sidebar ends.

9:55AM Blackwell calls new witness. Nicholas Degle. Consulting contract with Churchill Financial in Clearwater, Florida. Do business with several retirement systems in Michigan. Witness says client relations in Michigan since 2007. Was administrator in Detroit Pension funds until 2004.

Brought construction loan investments to Detroit since 2007.

Received solicitation from Jeff Beasley for KCF in May 2008.

KCF 4- Form letter from Christopher Jackson in June 2008 soliciting funds.

Witness says he thought purposes was to benefit community and citizens of Detroit. Reads the purposes stated on the letter.

Reads that no funds are donated to political campaign.

Talked with President about giving back to city. Witness says they wanted to give back to city they were doing business in.