Exhibit- copy of check to Kilpatrick Civic Fund. for $1,000. signed by Mary Settle. Date June 25th 2008. Faxed to the witness who hand delivered the check to the function on June 26th.

Would you have made donation if you knew funds were being used for personal or political reasons? No.

10:02AM Thomas cross examines.

Witness says he met Kwame once or twice before.

Kiplatrick Civic Fund a social welfare fund? Do not know what that is.

Contribution from corp to KCF? Yes.

Thomas goes back to solicitation letter. Not signed by Kwame? No.

Letter fairly broadly written would you agree? Yes fairly broadly.

You didn't believe fund was being precluded from political activity? Well last paragraph says no political campaign.

Well that's specific. but what about legislative issues, would that be political? Yes.

Understanding those issues important for community? Yes.

Educating residents on importance of voting that has political implication? Yes.

Letter doesn't foreclose political activity just contributing to a campaign says Thomas.

No funds donated to political campaign reads Thomas, that's specific.

Kwame Kilpatrick was the name of the Civic Fund, he was figure head? Yes.

Would you expect the KCF to run expenses? I don't know.

Well what about functions and staff. you would have expected there were employees of Civic fund and they would be reimbursed? Don't know if they would be employees or volunteers says witness.

Did Kwame speak? Yes.

To do all the things in the letter you would have to have people organize? Yes.

As figure head, would Kwame not have to travel to solicit funds? I don't know.

You were local but there were people from out of states. Would you have expected figure head to travel to solicit funds. I don't know about that.

If you had known that would that have affected your ability to donate? No.

10:10AM Blackwell redirects.

What about the mayor's family go to a spa resort in California, would you have donated? No.

What about spa services? No.