10:11AM Blackwell calls Ken Hudson. Works at Nuveen Investments. Investment Management firm been there 14 months. Was with Northpointe Capital which is based in Troy, Michigan. Also investment management firm. Small cap value and growth manager. Was in sales and marketing. Detroit Police and Fire pension fund. Funded in March 2007.

Asked to donate to KCF in August 2007.

Witness recognizes exhibit 100B asking for money. Letter asked to donate and attend event.

Next page is characteristics of Civic Fund. Witness reads them.

Last part of letter is read by witness. "No funds in civic fund donated to political campaign."

Donated twice- in 2007 and 2008.

Happy to support the city of Detroit based on information they had.

KCF 100 and 100A- 2 $5,000 checks. First check from Northpointe to KCF dated September 14th 2007 for $5,000. Sent by regular mail.

100A- second check fro $5,000 to KCF. Dated March 7th 2008. Sent via regular mail.

Would you have donated if you thought it was used by Kwame for political purposes? No.

10:17AM Thomas cross examines.

Northpointe had 24 employees at the time.

What was total amount of checks? $10,000.

Was that something unusual for your fund at the time? No.

Thomas says he notices name Jim Papas? Witness says he met Papas after the letter. Met him at restaurant downtown.

Did meeting have to do with letter? No. Witness would go sometimes downtown to meet people.

Meeting with Papas? He was the restaurant owner. Didn't have any meetings with him.

Anything unusual in your relationship with Papas that would have caused you to contribute? No.

With Emma Bell? No.

Handwriting on solicitation letter yours? No. Either my assistant's or controller's.

Did you attend event? No.

Are you aware what a 501c corporation could do? No.

You never met Papas or spoke to him about this? Correct.

Said this was received in mail. Do you remember receiving it? It would have been placed on my desk.

Look at the exhibit. Do you see any folds in the letter to show it was mailed? No.