You recognize that in a corporation there are expenses? Correct.

You agree that for your corp you have to travel and you get reimbursement? Yes.

Reimbursement for your corp is something you are allowed to do? Yes.

You know Kwame at least in 2008 was figure head for KCF. Would you have expected him to travel? Yes.

Would you have expected Kwame to travel out of state to solicit funds? Yes.

If you learned that Kilpatrick had traveled to Colorado or California for Civic fund, could he be reimbursed for that? I guess.

But if it was for a fund-raising purpose, would you still consider donating? Probably.

What if money was donated to a campaign. What was your response? I said no.

Did you know there was a political purpose to the civic fund. I did not.

Would you agree sir that legislation is political? Yes.

There are campaigns for legislative issues.

Witness says their company that they can't donate to political campaigns.

But Thomas says legislative issues, voter education, not specific to political campaign but to politics? Yes.

If you knew Civic Fund had donated to NAACP, would that have affected your donation? Don't know.

The board of the Civic fund would make donation decisions? Correct.

10:30AM Blackwell redirects.

Would you have made same recommendation to donate if one of examples listed was to send Kilpatrick's sons to camp? No.

Yoga classes for mayor? No.

Water park for family? No.

Was it your understanding that no political purposes for funds? Yes.

10:31AM Thomas redirects.

You recognize that corporate purpose was broadly written? Yes.

No one told you about the facts of expenditures? Correct.

Thomas talks about Monday morning quarterbacking. No further questions.

Witness excused. Judge calls for 20 minute break.