10:47AM Heard more this morning from witnesses with organizations that had donated to the Kilpatrick Civic Fund. All were unanimous that they would never have contributed to the KCF had they thought it would go towards personal or political expenditures for Kwame Kilpatrick. 

Kilpatrick took to twitter again over the weekend to express his displeasure with the trial:

"The Kilpatrick Civic Fund was a Political Fund. IT WAS NEVER A CHARITY! Donations not tax exempt & the fund had no obligation to give.#Truth." 

So I guess referring to KCF as a charity is not wholly accurate. Technically, it should be referred to as a "non-profit." 

Courtroom filling back up. Should be starting again momentarily.

10:57AM Passing out witness pictures to jurors for them to take notes on during testimony.

It's dark suit day for the defendants. Bobby Ferguson stands out slightly in a light grey suit and burgundy tie.

10:58AM Michael Bullotta calls Judy Smith. Judge swears in witness.

A crisis manager says witness. Undergrad in communications and has law degree. Has a public relations crisis management firm in DC. Been working in that for 20 years. Prior to that in US Attorneys office in DC. Also with White House and NBC. At US Attorneys mostly dealt with media.

A White House was President HW Bush's Deputy Press Secretary for 3 years. After that, worked at NBC and ran the communications department for 3 years. After that job, started her PR firm.

The firm represents corporations or individuals when they are facing crisis. Could range from product recall to financial takeover.

Worked with Monica Lewinsky and Michael Vick.

The show "Scandal" on ABC is based on her life and work.

Got a call from Kwame in early 2008. Needed some help with text message crisis.

When crisis involves legal situation, usually works with attorneys to develop legal strategies.

The goal was to help the legal team- they drive the communication strategy developed. While many attorneys are very good at law, some times they need assistance with media.

Witness helped Kwame deal with media during text message crisis.

Witness says it was 5 years ago but does remember messaging to the public that the mayor's team provided positive accomplishments.

Witness worked with former mayor over period of months.

Total fee charge witness can't remember.

Could it be around $180,000? Could be.

KCF 54- checks recognized by witness. 2 of checks paid to Smith's company.

Check dated May 1st 2008 for $30,000 to Impact Strategies. Witness says payment was for services rendered to mayor. On KCF check.

Check dated July 9th 2008 for $40,464.

Check dated October 29th 2008 for $25,000 to Impact Philanthropy. It was a non-profit the witness had started. Witness says she couldn't talk about the intent of the check but she had talked about her non-profit which was in LA.