There is still some outstanding amount to the tune of $60,000. Book keeper wrote it off.

Paid by mayor in March 2008 $11,000 in cash. Can't remember if it was in the office or at home.

11:10AM Thomas cross examines.

Thomas says we know each other.

You were engaged by mayor before I was lawyer? Yes.

Before criminal case was brought? I believe so.

We have worked together? Yes.

Your job is image consulting? I don't see my job as image consulting. When there is legal situation, that takes precedence.

There was previous consultation with Kwame in the earlier years? Yes. 

Introduced by a neighbor? I think so.

Your first contact was related to a text message scandal? Yes.

You were aware of text messages in media? Yes.

And litigation that was going to ensue regarding Freedom of Information Act? Yes.

Crisis management was about text messages previously? Yes.

How did you do it? Depends on the situation. Don't remember particular advice. Want legal team to focus on legal and client focus on what client should be doing.

You had 2 individuals as staff back at work? Yes.

You came to Detroit? I didn't live here. But yes.

Your room was paid for? Yes client usually pays for travel.

Meals and hotels? Yes.

Purpose was to consult Kwame about an issue and how his image could be affected? I would disagree with that. When dealing with a crisis, particularly when litigation is coming, that everything you do is in line with that. What we tried to do based on legal strategy was to make sure everyone was clear from a communications standpoint.

Witness says helped to deal with surrounding messaging.

You said you did no work for KCF? Correct.

But you did receive checks from KCF? Correct.

Thomas bring back first check for $30,000. Did you know April Edgar and Kandia Milton?

Witness says yes, check negotiated and paid.