Did you know that Kilpatrick Civic Fund, well did you know Kwame's relationship to it? No.

Looking at second check for $40,464.24. Based on work you did for Kwame? Yes.

Thomas says you were aware that Kwame was under siege on many levels? Correct.

Did you advise him how to handle legal, media and personal fronts? Not on the last front.

Witness says if there was advice based on event coming up, she didn't see that as transcending into personal.

Witness agrees with Thomas there is clearly a connection between legal and media.

You were in Detroit often? Yes.

Were you aware that he spoke to different groups? Yes.

Did you know if he was engaged in fund-raising? I know that he had started a legal defense fund.

Brief stop. Switching court reporters for no apparent reason.

When the text message scandal hit, you were aware that the momentum in the city had stopped? Yes.

Part of your job was in moving things forward and change the message? Part of my job was to organize a communications strategy.

Were you successful? Yes I think so.

Witness says when you have a legal situation with a person who is indicted or about to be indicted you want to let the legal team go ahead and do their job.

Did you promote him to go ahead and promote positive things for the city? Yes. I do remember about positive messaging about things going on for the city.

Did you meet Christine Beatty? Yes.

Did she appear hard-working? Yes.

An effective administrator? Can't speak to effectiveness but know she was a hard worker.

Do you know who was running civic fund? I don't.

You don't know why those checks were received from KCF? No.

Looking at Impact Philanthropy check. Discussed with Kwame the kinds of things you wanted to do? Yes.

Did you know that in October 2008 he was about to go to jail?

By that point your job was done? Correct.

From your testimony, this is something that you wanted to do and he gave you a check? No we discussed that I wanted to get more involved in service.

Witness says they have done several walks for cancer research.