10:48AM More health drama at the courthouse. Seems one of the female attorneys fell over right outside the courtroom door and might have bumped her head. Nursing staff is being called to check her out. Might have broken her nose.

11:10AM And the monitor is back on. Everyone seems back except for Susan Van Dusen. The judge enters the courtroom and they turn the monitors off again! 

Jury is back in the courtroom. Judge tells them that Van Dusen had a fall during the break and that she had to go to the hospital. She is likely ok but can't continue cross-examination. They will adjourn for the day and take it up tomorrow. Even if Van Dusen can't continue, judge says she expects someone else will take up the cross-examination for Bobby Ferguson's defense. Judge Edmunds says the court wishes Van Dusen well. 

This is the second of Ferguson's defense lawyers to be struck with a health issue. Gerald Evelyn took ill in court in late October, had to be rushed to hospital and court adjourned for two weeks. Now Van Dusen. Hopefully this is nothing more serious than a broken nose.