Talking about Syncom, a risk capital firm that witness consulted with. Invested in smaller companies to try to call them. Knew a Terry Jones, a close friend of Cunningham's family, was a partner in Syncom. Like an uncle to the witness. Based out of Maryland/DC. In early 2006, Cunningham worked with Jones. Jones hired witness to help put info together about telecom business.

Witness says Jeff Beasley is one of his best friends that he grew up with in Chicago. Beasley was Detroit Treasurer and sat on the board of pension funds, policemen and firemen. Cunningham says he was trying to help "uncle" Terry Jones raise money so he introduced him to Beasley and other pension fund people. Chris Jackson, taught them the ropes on pension funds. Helped to get Terry $15 million each from 2 pension funds, police and fire and the general fund. So $30 million total. Beasley appointed to the board by Kwame. Cunningham had a contract with Jones, hired as a consultant for 3 years and would get $300,000 over 3 years paid in quarterly installments of $25,000. Or total is 1% of $30 million.

10:46AM Looking at consulting agreement with Syncom. Effective March 15th 2006. Shall terminate on 3rd anniversary of commencement sate, March 15th 2009.

Compensation is $25,000 per calendar quarter.

Agreement signed by Terry Jones and Marc Cunningham.

Summer of 2006, July or August, witness offered new job by Kwame. Offered job as mayor's executive assistant. Worked there until 2008. This agreement was in effect before he took the job. Cunningham took the consulting agreement to John Johnson in city law department.

As exexcutive assistant, witness went wherever Kwame needed him, "rolled with him", prepped for events and managed the office. Basically, Kwame's personal assistant.

Witness showed consulting agreement to city law department and changed his quarterly payment to $15,000 from $25,000. Says he altered because he was concerned that people knew how much he was getting paid. Didn't want it out there- wanted it to be private. Felt that if people knew how much he was making, people might ask him for more.

Witness says he gave some money to Bernard Kilpatrick and was worried he would have to give him more.

Meeting at Mosaic restaurant with Chris Jackson, mayor, Beasley. Those are people he recalls being there. Remembers Chris or someone saying that he had to go into a deal with BK- Bernard Kilpatrick. Consulting agreement in process, not sure if $30 million was approved at that point. Bernard did nothing to secure pension deal.

The $30 million eventually got fully funded and witness started receiving commission checks for $25,000. Came as checks which he deposited in his bank. would take out 10,000 or $15,000 in cash and would give Bernard 3,4 or $5,000 at a time when he got his checks. Says he paid Bernard because "that's kind of the way it was." Did it to try to gain favor with the mayor by looking out with his dad. To thank Kwame for making sure pension fund deal went through.

Cunningham says initially, he wanted to do more deals like the $30 million one so wanted to gain favor.

Witness paid Bernard in cash at discreet locations: at the barber shop by city county building, at his house, in the hallways.

"It was handshake to handshake."

"Wanted to keep it low key. Didn't want people knowing."

Barber shop is in the basement of city county building. Bernard would tell him to meet him there. Would meet outside, shake hands, make exchange and keep moving. Met like this maybe 6 times. Could have been more than $5,000 at times.

Bernard would say "It's about that time." Was his way of asking if Cunningham got his commissions fee.

Sometimes Kwame would ask about it. Maybe once or twice.

If witness gave Bernard less than 5k, Bernard would comment "it's a little light."

In 2007, Kwame and witness talked about witness's ability to pay money. He was financially tight. The check from Syncom had not arrived.

"Kwam said 'You got take it easy on my dad this month." Understood that to mean that he didn't have to pay his dad as much.

Told his wife and friend Phil Regan, an attorney, about the financial arrangement.

Looking at pictures we have seen before of the mayor's office. Looking at the barber chair room. Describes it as a "private chamber room." Remembers mayor going in there alone with fundraiser Emma Bell, Bernard and Ferguson at different times.

Witness says when mayor talked to Ferguson he was not allowed to participate in the conversations. Doesn't know why he couldn't participate. Never was part of contract discussions between Kwame and Bobby. Never there when issues came up. He doesn't know what they talked up when they went into the room.

10:05AM Witness says he knows office was swept for bug's- mayor's office and the private chamber were both swept.