September 2007, got a call from a reporter with the Philadelphia Inquirer. Talked about an FBI sting that was going on. Asked if he knew about it.

Now bullotta backing up to April 2007. witness worked with Kwame. Met with some out of town people who wanted to do a deal in Detroit. Gave him $5,000 in cash. It turned out it was the FBI.

Cunningham felt terrible when he found out. Called mayor and met him at the airport to talk to him about it. Mayor knew what he was talking about. Cunningham says he was planning to put the money in the Kilpatrick Civic Fund. Kwame said to put the money in the Civic Fund and they would get a receipt for it.

Met Kwame at the airport because he assumed that the phones at the office could be bugged. Kwame was arriving from somewhere.

"Classic set up. Should have known better," said Kwame to witness. "Yeah I know" said Cunningham.

Cunningham never put the money in the Kilpatrick Civic Fund. Witness trying to raise money but Kwame told him to forget it, that it wasn't going to work. Main reason he didn't put it in was because initially he didn't have money. When he did, Kwame thought it was a bad idea.

Kwame then told him to lay off payments on Bernard. Moved Cunningham to the film department. Kwame felt he was "too hot" to be his executive assistant. He served as liaison between city and filmmakers.

Moving to 2008. Cunningham learned that his phone had been intercepted by the government. Initially learned it when he was home and a reporter came by and knocked on his door in the middle of the day. after that, witness got a hold of Kwame and went to the Manoogian Mansion. Kwame said "I told you."

Kwame showed him a letter that he had that showed the phones were being tapped. But the witness didn't know about it. Doesn't remember physically seeing him but Kwame told him about it. Basically said that his phone was tapped.

Went to the back of Manoogian, outside by the river. Says they were talking in code, both were covering their mouths. People were outside and they were paranoid. witness suggested they get different phones. So they did. Kwame gave him cash and he went to get the Metro PCS 30 day phone- "burnout out" phones. Got about 5 or 6 of them. He distributed them: to the mayor, Jonathan Quarles, the new executive assistant.

Still kept the Blackberries but put them in Cunnigham's name. Doesn't know why.

Remembers going on Bermuda trip with mayor, Dedan Milton, Mike Martin, Dwayne Love and Beasley, Ferguson. They flew there on local billionaire Tony soave's jet. Played golf and met with the Prime Minister.

"Just sort of hung out."

They went to the cup match, a big cricket event where they met the PM.

Witness describes the trip as a "kick off the new regime" trip. He had just started working there. He made a contribution to the trip- maybe $500 to $1,000. but definitely not enough to cover the cost of the trip.

"It was a nice trip."

Witness says that Kwame had "2,3 racks"- 2 or $3,000.

The trip occurred in July or August 2006. They stayed at a house on an island in the middle of Bermuda.

In May 2007, went to Las Vegas for the La Hoya prize fight. Witness says they flew there. Thinks it was a private jet too. Ferguson, Bernard went on the trip. Doesn't remember if Beasley was there.

Went to Vegas more than once. Once with mayor, Lucius, Derrick Miller, Chauncy Mayfield, with the pension fund. It was on a private plane. thinks that the Chauncy dude paid for it. It was a "fella's trip", they played golf.

On another trip to Vegas, went for some union stuff.

Remembers the golf bag with "the Mayor" inscribed on it. He was the mayor, says witness, why wouldn't he have the bag. Doesn't remember doing any work to raise money for Kilpatrick Civic Fund.

Witness says he knows Mahlon Clift. good friend from Chicago. Also went to Florida A & M. with him and Kwame.

January 2010, received a visit at his him from FBI agent Bob Beeckman. Told him he knew about the sting operation- the $5,000 he took from the undercover people. He was shown a still shot of the hotel room where the exchange took place. Explained to Beeckman what happened. Said he didn't know why they were offering him the money. Initially told Beeckman that he didn't take the money. Said he gave it back because he didn't want it.

Says he told Beeckman that because he was afraid. but after he calmed down and thought it through, he came clean to Beeckman. witness could tell that Beeckman knew he took the money. Witness says he told the agent he'd get in touch with his lawyer.