Mutters under his breath, "That doesn't make sense."

Witness says he got a call from his father-in-law to assist some New Jersey people with a deal in Detroit. The New Jersey people were the undercover agents.

Witness says he never went into it with expectation to get anything out of the deal.

But Shea says you and your father discussed getting a percentage if the deal got done. Witness says no. Discussed deal with father-in-law but witness's point is he was just helping out his father-in-law. Just did it to help him out.

January 26th 2010, first time he met with FBI agents in Detroit. at that time, he acknowledged to Beeckman discussions with father-in-law about getting percentage on the insurance deal.

Shea walks up to witness with transcript of the FBI interview.

Government calls for a sidebar.

11:00AM Shea asks about FBI interview again. Witness says document does not refresh his recollection.

Cunningham remembers conversation. Says he had "discussions." Remembers discussions but nothing about sharing percentages with his father-in-law.

"All I can tell is the truth as to what happened..." says Cunningham about discussions with father-in-law.

Cunningham says he had no expectation of profit from the insurance deal.

In April 2007, Cunningham says he met with people he thought were from the New Jersey insurance company. They gave him $5,000 and he took it.

Shea says you took it to the casino and gambled it away. That is what he told federal agents. Cunningham says he doesn't remember what he did with it.

"Suffice it to say I spent the money."

On personal stuff? Yes says Cunningham.

Cunningham says he met with federal agents a number of times to discuss a number of things. Says he has receivedreceived bebenifits for his cooperation. Was not charged with taking the $5,000 and won't be charged if he cooperates. His sentence range is 30 to 37 months but under plea agreement, they might recommend less if he cooperates.

Shea says if he doesn't continue to cooperate then it's a breach of the cooperation agreement. That's correct says Cunningham.

Government is sole determiner if he has provided enough assistance says Shea. Correct.

So that's some pretty powerful incentive to testify. Correct.

Shea says so there are other things you won't be charged with. Don't know says witness.

Well Shea says you lied in statements to feds and won't be charged for that. Correct.

You also described paying Jeff Beasley kickbacks from Syncom payments to the feds and you don't anticipate being charged for that. Correct says witness.

So that's additional incentive to testify today says Shea. Correct says witness.

Cunningham says he was active in Kwame's re-election campaign in 2005. He had aspirations to be a marketer and third party consultant.

Talking about Syncom agreement with Terry Jones effective March 15th 2006. Jones received 2 $15 million approvals from 2 separate pension funds. Sometime after that discussion at Mosaic restaurant about paying Bernard Kilpatrick money.