Witness says meeting took place before he was even working for the city. It was sometime that spring or summer. so chain of events, he signed Syncom agreement, they began negotiations with board to get pension money, meeting at Mosaic took place and then he started working for the city.

Cunningham saying Mosaic wasn't actual sit-down meeting.

"This is how it went down," says witness.

Says Chris Jackson was teaching him how to do things. And it was at that meeting he was told to bring on Bernard.

Witness says after he started working, at some point he took his consulting agreement to law department because it might be a conflict of interest. Even though he didn't think it was.

Shea says witness told Judge Rosen that pension fund approvals came through in May.

"If that's what I said, that's what I said," shrugs Cunningham.

11:20AM November 4th 2010 hearing with Judge Rosen testimony. Shea showing witness transcript of his testimony.

From transcript, in May 2006, both pension funds tentatively agreed to requests and then made disbursements. Mosaic meeting came after this according to Cunningham.

Shea says so Jackson suggested getting Bernard on the deal even before the deal went to the pension board. That's a possibility says witness.

Shea says so before May 2006, Bernard was already involved. Correct says Cunningham.

Witness says that he initially wanted to partner with Chris Jackson. Cunningham says he liked the guy. But he dropped out of the deal for a month or so.

Shea says so it was more important to rely on Bernard for his expertise. Cunningham is laughing.

"I'm not sure why you're laughing." Shea says he is not so funny.

"Funny like a clown," says witness.

Shea says so Bernard got about $15,000 from you once the commission checks started coming from you. So only about 5% of the $300,000. correct says witness.

Shea says Bernard and Kwame never told you how much to pay him. Correct.

You decided what was the fair price says Shea. Correct says witness. Though he can't remember how he came up with the figure it came from somewhere.

Witness thinks there may have been some negotiation with Bernard.

Shea says so you are cognizant that Bernard is a businessman and you were referring him work.

So it wasn't like you were enemies? Not at all says Cunningham.

Shea says you didn't tell law department that Jeff Beasley was your friend and helped with the pension fund deals. I don't know says Cunningham. Didn't tell the law department he did.

Shea says you did kickback to Jeff Beasley, isn't that true. No that's not true says the witness.

Shea says you paid him out of commission check at least $20,000. I don't know exactly the amount says Cunningham.

Shea says you can't recall today but you recalled years ago?