12:18 PM Judge calls for a 5 minute break before redirect.

12:25PM Bullotta says he has a brief redirect because someone has a flight to catch.

Bullotta asks if witness had hired Bernard as a consultant on the Syncom deal. No says the witness.

Cunningham says it was at the meeting at Mosaic that he first heard that he should pay Bernard.

Witness says he believed he was supposed to pay Bernard. Cunningham says he is pretty certain that it is Chris Jackson who told him he had to pay Bernard. Because he was Kwame's dad.

Cunnigham says he believed that Kwame wanted him to pay Bernard. Says Kwame would say "Thanks for taking care of my dad."

Cunningham says he never entered into negotiations to hire Bernard or Chris. Thinks it was either Bernard or Jackson who came up with 5 thousand number.

Cunningham agrees he didn't feel like Bernard deserved the money he paid him.

Cunningham says he felt that if he didn't pay him he wouldn't get more consulting work.

"I didn't know the rules at that point," says witness.

His sentence will be determined by judge at the sentencing hearing.

12:30PM Shea gets up for more cross. Asks a very confusing question about sentencing recommendations.

Judge Edmunds asks for sidebar.

Shea says so judge ultimately decides your sentence. Correct.

But per your plea agreement, the feds can make a recommendation for a sentence. Agreed says Cunnigham.

Shea says that you are testifying to things that only you and someone else were present at. Government relying for you to tell the truth.

"One lie and all bets are off," says Cunningham about his plea agreement with the government.

If you didn't tell the truth then, you wouldn't tell the truth now because you would be lying one way or the other. True says Cunningham.

Shea asks about Jackson telling witness to pay Bernard.

Government asks for sidebar.

Shea goes back to Jackson. Shea says you didn't think Bernard would be involved in the deal for nothing? I didn't think that no.

Shea says he assisted you in some respect in guiding the deal forward. Correct says witness

12:38 PM Bullotta goes back for redirect.

Bullotta asks what Bernard did specifically to help guide him. don't know specifically what he did but came to one meeting.

Besides going to one meeting did he do anything else to get $15,000 asks Bullotta. No says Cunningham.