Gurewitz says that the company went on providing the use of the plane to Kilpatrick. Soave says he believes so.

Gurewitz asks if that's because the issue was resolved with his people. Soave says he doesn't know but they acted as they thought they should.

Soave says he didn't know at the time that logs of flights after 2006 were no longer being done.

Gurewitz asking about 2 NYC trips with Kwame. Asks if Soave went himself at any time on similar trips. Soave said that he did it more than once and agrees it was something he liked to do. "It was something I did often."

Soave agrees he told Kwame about the trips and took him willingly.

Now talking about those $10,000 floor seat NBA tickets he gave Kwame. Soave said someone contacted a broker for him for the tickets. He doesn't remember exactly how it happened. Soave says it was a big game that was nationally televised. "I wanted the mayor to be in the right seats. didn't want him in the 5th row."

Soave says "I liked Mayor Kilpatrick." He agrees he was generous with him. Soave says the former mayor had a lot to say about the things he was doing in the city.

Gurewitz says maybe that's not a good question. Soave agrees "yeah, that's not too good."

Soave still embarrassed about how much he paid for the basketball tickets.

Gurewitz pressing that the relationship he had with Kilpatrick included more than just friendship. Soave says Kilpatrick was a very likeable guy. "I liked the mayor." Soave says he wanted to keep him happy.

Gurewitz asks if because of the age difference Kwame respected his opinion. You'd have to ask him says Soave.

9:41AM US Attorney Michael Bullotta gets up to redirect. No cross from Ferguson lawyers.

Bullotta says "This will be over for you soon." Soave answers "I hope soon."

Bullotta going over memo from March 2002 from in-house attorney for Soave Susan Johnson.

Soave reads "Basically need to know what are the issues and what do we need to do to get the contracts through City Council."

Soave says he understands that people he needs to get through is Kilpatrick or purchasing.

Bullotta says you understood the contract was stopped somewhere. Yes that was the indication says Soave.

So you believed contract was being held? Yes says Soave that was the information I was getting.

Soave testified that he went to meeting with mayor by himself to ask what the hold up was.

Gurewitz objects. Judge overrules.

Soave says he doesn't remember the exact words but remembers Kwame saying he had the wrong sub-contractor.

Bullotta asks if Kwame appeared aware the contract was being held?

Defense objects.

Soave says Kwame didn't appear confused about the hold up. Soave says he told him he had wrong sub-contractor and that he needed Ferguson.

Soave says he knows that the contract was being held up. "He was the boss. It was in his hands."