Looking at the contract approval document. Bullotta points out signatures and says Kwame was boss. soave agrees.

Bullotta asks if he remembers another mayor having held up a contract. "No I did not."

Soave says he was very concerned about the Inland job. "It was a $50 million job."

Soave agrees there were many people concerned about their jobs on that contract. Soave agrees that he was concerned about his employees.

Bullotta asks about Charlie Williams being a minority front. Soave says he told Mike Rataj it was absolutely not true.

Bullotta asks about mentoring relationship if mentee usually has an established business. Soave says Charlie definitely had some skills.

Soave says that sometimes mentees have an established business and sometimes they don't.

Soave says that Williams had a lot of experience. He had run the DWSD twice.

Soave says he thought Williams "had a lot on the ball and I still do."

Williams went on to become Soave's partner at MPS. Williams is in charge of it. Soave says it is more than 100. "It's a nice company" says Soave.

Soave being asked about Bobby Ferguson's "you're only here because of me." Soave says at one point he did talk to Kilpatrick about Bobby when he asked if Bobby was still his guy and Kwame affirmed he was.

Soave says if the answer would have been different they probably would have taken action and worsened his work load. Soave says that ultimately they probably wouldn't have done any more work with him.

9:54AM Defense attorney Mike Rataj cross-examines for Bobby Ferguson.

Judge tells him she thinks this is last go round of questions.

Rataj says he wouldn't have asked any questions if Bullotta didn't. "I didn't have any control over him" says Soave

Rataj says he didn't know for sure that it was purchasing or the mayor holding up the contract. That's what I said says Soave.

Now looking at Johnson's March 2002 memo again. Rataj says if he knew if law department or finance had signed off on contract 1368. Soave says he does not know that.

On the approval document from June 2002. Signed off by law department at that point and not earlier.

On the memo it says that DWSD was telling Inland Waters to ask minority suppliers. That's what it says answers Soave.

Soave agrees he doesn't remember exactly what words were used in meeting with Kwame.

Rataj asks if Soave ever directly asked mayor at that April 2002 meeting if he was holding up contract 1368 and if so, why? "I never used those words, no" says Soave.

Rataj refers back to question from yesterday of it was usual in other cities for them to have preferred contractors. Soave agrees that it's normal.

Rataj says that at no point did Kwame says "Mr. soave if you do not use Bobby Ferguson you will not get any more work in Detroit." Soave says "No he did not use those words."

Soave saying about Williams not having employees or equipment, "In his case he was his company" says Soave about Williams.

Rataj says Williams did not have experience to get boots on the ground to get muddy on the ground. soave disagrees that he did not have any experience. "He ran DWSD."