Van Dusen asks if McCann was a CPA, an auditor for City Management and eventually rose to become part of Soave's executive team. Correct says McCann.

McCann agrees that she oversaw Industrial Services portfolio at Soave that included Inland.

McCann says that what makes Soave work so well is that there is a group of individuals with different expertise. General support for all the businesses in the portfolio.

Van Dusen congratulates McCann on rising through the corporate hierarchy. "I've been fortunate" says McCann.

Van Dusen asks if she was an overseer on the contract. McCann agrees that she was.

McCann also agrees that she had other duties at Soave.

Van Dusen says contract didn't take up majority of your time? McCann agrees.

Video angle just changed and we have the best shot yet of the courtroom as it's pulled out to reveal more of the witness stand.

Van Dusen asking about Dennis Oszust who was a SVP at Inland. McCann said he had a high level of responsibility on the contract.

Van Dusen says Oszust would bring you up to date on certain things? Correct says McCann.

McCann also agrees that Oszust gave her the majority of the "nitty gritty" on the contract.

Van Dusen making point that most of info on Ferguson interactions would come from Oszust and another Inland executive.

Van Dusen asking about McCann's interview in May 2010 by FBI special agent Bob Beeckman. Van Dusen says that McCann provided an unusually large number of documents related to 1368. McCann agrees that she provided the documents.

Van Dusen publishes a document from Kathleen Leavey of the DWSD from December 19th 2001. Says that the Board of Water Commissioners has authorized her to enter into contract with Inland Waters.

McCann says the document is from early in the process.

Van Dusen points to Project Management portion of document. Says it is "contnigent upon city council approval."

McCann agrees that city council ultimately needs to approve all these contracts.

12:28PM Van Dusen says so it was incorrect when you said that the mayor was responsible for the contract.

Chutkow objects and judge sustains.

Van Dusen says it's probably reasonable to say that your memory of events in 2010 with Beeckman about events 8 years earlier might be better today. McCann says she has the same documents so it may be similar.

Van Dusen asks if you wanted to be as thorough as possible with Beeckman. McCann says "I wanted to be as honest as possible."

Van Dusen hands document to McCann about interview with Beeckman. In the interview, McCann told the FBI that the mayor had to approve the contract.

Judge calls for a sidebar.

McCann agrees that she reviewed her statement to FBI recently.

McCann says she doesn't know if "nits and lice" were conveyed to the government. Not sure what she means by that but it sounds disgusting.