Van Dusen asks if she is familiar of fact that in February 2002 Oszust informed McCann that he had provided DWSD with some documents. McCann looks perplexed so Van Dusen hands the document to her.

Van Dusen says that in February Oszust was furnishing required documents to DWSD. McCann agrees.

Van Dusen says so it looks like approval process was in place? McCann says that she sees that he did it on that day.

Van Dusen says Inland even submitted invoice for payment in March 2002. McCann says she wasn't aware of that. She doesn't have any detail on it.

12:45PM For the billionth time, we are looking at signature page on the back of Inland's contract from June 26th 2002. Van Dusen states that the approval process culminated with this approval by city council. Van Dusen says this keeps with first document from December 2001 that stated city council approval.

So mayor has no authority on approval asks Van Dusen? McCann says it was our understanding that the contract had to go through the mayor before it got to city council.

Van Dusen says contract has to go through budget office? McCann says she is not intimate with every step of the process.

Had to go to law department? McCann says "sounds reasonable."

Van Dusen says not a single one of those departments is part of mayor's office? McCann says that is my understanding but i lack intimate familiarity.

McCann says there were people on her team did have familiarity and that after Soave met with team and things got moving it seemed to prove their conclusion.

McCann says that the Inland folks who have knowledge of the process. McCann mentions Dennis Oszust.

So its Dennis Oszust who told you that the contract was being held up? McCann says "it was obvious to everyone that we didn't have a contract. So we knew it wasn't done. And we didn't know why not so we concluded it was in the mayor's office."

McCann says ultimately decision was made to check with the mayor. She says there was enough concern that the contract wasn't let yet. "It seemed like a long process."

So Dennis was anxious? "Everyone was anxious," says McCann.

McCann says there was concern that the current contract was almost up and that they didn't have 1368 yet.

So Van Dusen says Oszust had to come up with reason for bosses why contract wasn't done?

Van Dusen basically saying that Oszust was getting pressure from higher ups as to why the contract wasn't happeneing so he just pointed at the mayor's office.

Van Dusen says she is moving on to a whole new chapter so this might be a good place to stop. Judge agrees and dismisses jury.

12:57AM Flurry of activity at defense table as Van Dusen returns. Bernard Kilpatrick seems somewhat agitated. He and Ferguson exchange some words. Kwame looks like he is talking to Van Dusen about that cross-examination.

Court resumes Monday morning at 9AM.

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