12:41PM Judge says if there is a legal issue involving the last witness, then court will convene at 8:45AM tomorrow. If not, court starts at 9AM as usual. Court adjourned.

12:39PM Lawyers go to sidebar

12:38PM Jury excused so that lawyers can address a legal issue

12:36PM Chad Smith steps down.

12:35PM Gerald Evelyn to the question stand. Smith assigned under Mayor Archer on a detail for Kwame Kilpatrick who was running.

12:28PM Jim Thomas takes stand to question. There were a total of 4 officers on Smith's detail. Job description was to protect Carlita and the children. Smith claims it was difficult at times. Carlita gave Smith her ATM card at times. Smith had no problem taking money out for her. The money would be deposited at First Independence Bank- $1,500 at a time. Smith never saw anyone give Carlita the money and has no idea where it cam from. Never saw Bobby Ferguson giver her money. Smith was on the Miami Super Bowl trip and did not know that the former mayor was on the NFL Super Bowl Committee. Thomas asks him did you know that the home where you got the money from the shoe was the Kilpatrick home before Manoogian. Told investigators that he thought there was $300 left in the shoe.

12:23PM Next witness comes in. Chad Smith sits down With Detroit PD. Also served with EPU. Served Carlita Kilpatrick in 2001. Smith asked by Lorenzo Jones to be part of detail. Went to high school with Kwame Kilpatrick. They were good friends and still consider Kwame a "life-long friend". Last time they spoke was 4 years ago at 20 year class reunion. Smith was on Carlita's detail. Provided security for First Lady and the children for 2 years. Also ran errands for the mayor. One errand involved running into a house to get something, some money in his room in his closet. The money was inside a pair of shoes. Took about $1,500 to bank to make payment on credit card. Just took amount that he was asked.

12:22PM Commander Love excused

12:20PM Thomas redirects.Protection Unit would sweep for listening devices for the Mayor Kilpatrick. Love not aware of any listening sweeps in 5 years with Mayor Archer.

12:19PM Eric Doeh redirects for government. Love says he didn't like when Officer Martin came back because things had been moving forward positively. On the trip to New York because Love was with Christine Beatty for a time, he had no idea what Kwame may have purchased.

Protection Unit made sweeps for listening units for Kwame Kilpatrick.

12:17PM Gerald Evelyn gets up to question. Evelyn asks if there were threats to mayor and his family. Yes says Love. Bobby Ferguson’s home was considered a safe area, as where other friends home like Derrick Miller, family or other staff members. When Officer Martin came back, Love didn't like it but didn't leave EPU

12:03PM Jim Thomas for defense. Commander is 4th highest ranking within the PD. As commander, he has roughly 300 officers under his command. In charge of 10th and 12th precincts. Been police officer for 18 or 19 years. Love was on EPU under Mayor Archer- was a driver.

Good reason for protection. It is an apparent job. The mayor's job starts very early in the morning into the night. EPU is with the mayor wherever he goes. Thomas asks Love to characterize Kwame's relationship with police department. Very good says Love. Recalls Officer Martin coming back to work for Mrs. Kilpatrick. Love not aware that Kwame Kilpatrick had meetings with officials in Bermuda. Love not on EPU when Kwame stepped down as mayor- left detail in 2007.Thomas asks Love about Kwame's other friends. "Did you know Roger Pinsky? Was he a friend?” asks Thomas. "Friends? I wouldn't say they were friends," responds Love. "Did you ever see Mayor Kilpatrick with large amounts of money?" asks Thomas.

"No," responds Love. Thomas asks Love to recall Kwame's 35th "Splash of Red" party. Love doesn't remember money in a box being collected for the mayor. Love does not recall a watch being given to Kwame by Tony Suave on the trip to New York. Or how much he bought on the trip.

11:48AM Next witness is Commander  Dwayne  Love with Detroit PD.Been with the department for 24 and half years. Served in 2 different capacities: at first was an advance member, eventually became in charge of unit. Got there in 2003. There was negative stuff in the paper about the unit at the time so did not want to work with EPU. When Jones and Martin were transferred out, then Love agreed to work with the unit.Interviewed with former mayor Kilpatrick. As advance sergeant, wherever the mayor was, Love would get there first to secure routes and venues. 

Love also performed personal tasks for mayor- like dry cleaning or go to bank. Made bank runs more than 3 times.Cash was usually in a sealed deposit envelope and would take it to the bank. Love never counted amounts in envelope. Love doesn't remember weight of cash envelopes or how they felt. Believes bank employees would take money and give it to female employee, can't remember specifics. Love says at his bank he usually takes money to a teller. But doesn't think this person was a teller because he did not go to a teller window but to a specific area of the bank.

Remembers Chase Bank on Woodward and the other might have been First Independence. Love accompanied Kwame to Bermuda in 2006. It started off as a "thank you" trip but it was business trip for me. It was a trip to thank the people who got the mayor re-elected. We were there to unwind a little bit but make sure the mayor was ok. "We all had to chip in money to go," says Love. All the participants of trip had to give $500. 

Love doesn't know how money was distributed. They went by Tony Soaves’ private jet. Others on the trip included Bobby Ferguson, Christine Beatty, Andre Cunningham, Derrick Miller and Michael Martin, the officer who was ousted and then re-admitted to the EPU. The trip was 3 or 4 days long.Love also accompanied mayor on trip to New York, Christmas time in 2006. It was Christine Beatty, Tony Suave, Love and the mayor on Soaves’ jet. It was a private shopping trip for Beatty, Kwame and Suave. Went to various stores. One day trip- flew there and came back the same day.

11:47AM Travis steps down.

11:46AM Gerald Evelyn for Bobby Ferguson asks questions. Travis knows families are friends.

11:45AM Jim Thomas redirects "Did you think a safe was going to attack the mayor?" asks Thomas Travis laughs no. Officer Martin was not a direct report to Travis but to Dwayne Love. Martin cleared on allegations.

11:39AM Eric Doeh redirects for government. 2 officers were removed from EPU for infractions. One came back to EPU. Lt. Saunders asked Travis if he thought was a good idea to bring the officer back and Travis said no. The former officer was Officer Mike Martin. Officer Martin seemed to have a close relationship with Mayor Kilpatrick. Travis said he had a close relationship. When he came back, Kilpatrick would use Officer Martin for personal runs. Travis concedes it could have involved going to the bank for Kwame. The witness testifies though he was second-in-command of the unit, he didn't always know where Officer Martin was going. Doeh asks how did it appear to be hip pocket but there where places he was not able to go. Travis responds that he knew that he was in the company of a friend, even though he did not know who might or might not be at the location. Doeh asks if he was aware of safe at the locations. Travis says no.

11:30AM Jim Thomas for the defense. Travis says it was an honor working for the mayor and he enjoyed himself. At any given time, Travis says there were 24 officers in the detail. There would be 4 a person team working for 24 hours. Travis agrees that having a security detail is not a frivolous expense. Travis says that as hip pocket, you want to keep hands on distance from the mayor. There were instances where he worried about the mayor. There were moments of heightened alert. Thomas asks Travis if there was a party at the Manoogian Mansion. "Not that I was aware of," laughs Travis. Travis said that he worked for 4 mayors and he considered Kwame Kilpatrick a very hard-working mayor. Thomas asks if Travis thought something nefarious was going on when they were together. "Don't understand that word but no sire," responds Travis.

Travis agrees that he never saw large sums of cash on Ferguson. Thomas asks if he knows Jim Jenkins. Travis said he thinks he does. Cannot remember them getting together. Travis draws a blank at the name of the other friends until Thomas prompts him. Thomas asks Travis if he knew that Kwame went to Miami because he was on the Super Bowl Committee. Travis says yes. Travis was aware that Kwame had work commitments outside of Detroit. Thomas asks if Kwame was a partier and drinker. Travis responds no, did not see that. Roger Pinsky is within circle of friends similar to Bobby Ferguson. Thomas asks if he had any sense that something shady was going on between Kwame and Ferguson. Travis says no.