Chutkow asks for a side bar. 

12:15 PM

Back in session.  Evelyn asks Rachmale if LES had been fined in the past.  Rachmale had no immediate recollection of fines.  Evelyn provided documents to Rachmale that show LES had repeated violations from contaminated water discharged into the Detroit River.  The judge will not allow the documents into evidence.  

Furthermore, the judge advises Evelyn's line of questioning is not proper and he cannot ask questions of a document that is not part of the evidence.  

Evelyn notes his objection to the judges objection, and they call another side bar. 

12:25 PM

Back in session - Evelyn's first question is improper and stopped by the judge.  Evelyn retrieves his documents from Rachmale. 

Evelyn unmercifully starts a new line of questioning.  Asks contract questions of Rachmale as to the prevailing wage of contract workers. 

Chutkow objects as to the relevance, the judge agrees. 

Moving on - Back to the LES Timeline of services to DWSD we saw during the cross of Hardiman. 

1:04 PM

LES has $157,821,949.41 in contracts with DWSD that Evelyn is crediting to the relationship with Bobby Ferguson.  

Evelyn is now making the connection between DWSD Engineer Dilip Patel who was working for Sky Group and the City at the same time.  Because of this relationship, the city suspended Patel.  

Evelyn claims Patel was steering city work to LES.  

Patel's wife was also paid $2,500 a month from Sky Group for an unknown reason. 

Rachmale denies Patle worked for Sky Group or Lake Shore.  Patel was a friend of Rachmale who had an office in his building.  Patel had a pass key to the office, but Rachmale claims he had no knowledge Patel had an office in his building.  Patel was just his friend who happened to be a DWSD Engineer.

When Rachmale became aware of the office, Rachmale took Patel's pass key and cell phone so his friend would not get into trouble.  Doesn't sound very credible, but that is his testimony. 

Evelyn has no further questions, we are done for the day.