Victor Mercado outside court

--Victor Mercado

Survey of jurors continuing

400 prospective jurors were at the federal court to fill out questionnaires. Both sides will go over the questionnaires once they are completed and will pick 80 of them to finalize later this month. On Sept. 6, those 80 will be called for traditional jury selection.

Kwame Kilpatrick

Twelve people eventually will be selected to decide if the former mayor was running a criminal enterprise with family and friends which included taking cash bribes, kick backs, vacations, private jets and more in exchange for getting contracts in the city.

Other defendants in the case include Kilpatrick's dad Bernard Kilpatrick, his childhood friend Bobby Ferguson and ex-Detroit City Water boss Victor Mercado.

Kilpatrick enterprise gang image

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The crimes carry a 20-year prison penalty if convicted. Kilpatrick and prosecutors will be going over prospective jurors very closely.

Kilpatrick's trial expected to start in September

The opening statements are expected to being Sept. 14. Then, dozens, if not hundreds, of witnesses will be called to testify.

The trial is expected to take 3 or 4 months, meaning jurors may be spending Thanksgiving, Christmas and the new year close to the courthouse.

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Jury seats

--Prospective jurors arrive Wednesday at federal court to fill out questionnaires.

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