All three jurors questioned this morning were white males. 

The man who was excused felt he had strong feelings on the case and couldn’t be fair.

Bernard Kilpatrick was the first defendant in courtroom this morning looking serious as he took in the scene.

Victor Mercado was next – he did not glance at Bernard as he took his seat between his lawyers.

The last to enter were Kwame Kilpatrick and a smiling Bobby Ferguson who entered together.They had been hanging outside the courtroom sitting on a bench chatting.

The atmosphere was light and collegial before the court proceedings began.

When Kwame and Ferguson entered the court room, Bernard got up and stood by his son and talked to him a bit.

When Judge Nancy Edmonds came in she introduced the new concept of sidebar in this case.

The side bar is intended to protect the privacy of potential jurors.

Any time personal information about a juror may be revealed during questioning, the lawyers and the potential juror all gather by the judge’s bench in order to ensure privacy.

White noise is played in the courtroom for extra protection –ensuring the information being discussed is only being heard by the lawyers and the judge.

A sidebar was used for two of three the jurors this morning.

Total tally so far:

19 potential jurors questioned

13 are in the next round

6 have been  excused

About the author:

Alexandra Harland is a Princeton undergrad and has a masters degree in International affairs with Columbia. A Montreal native, she worked with the Daily Telegraph newspaper for a few years before transitioning to TV, when she worked at ABC News with Peter Jennings. Alexandra has also worked in newsrooms in both Detroit and Boston.