Now talking about a document from Judge Feikens's files. It is order continuing special administratorship for DWSD. after Kwame was elected but prior to being sworn in, this transfers special administratorship to mayor-elect and will be effective January 1st 2002. 

Another order from Judge Feikens approving the employment contract for Victor Mercado dated May 23rd 2002. The order approved by court and approves executive of employment agreement entered on behalf of DWSD by Kilpatrick as special administrator of DWSD. 

Looking at order 2002-3 on Victor Mercado. Submitted by Kilpatrick on May 23rd 2002. 

The orders basically empower Kilpatrick fully over the DWSD. 

Mercado's employment agreement is dated May 23rd 2002. Mercado accepts employment under direction of the mayor of Detroit under terms set forth in the agreement. Kilpatrick mayor at the time of contract. 

Again, all this methodical documentation is to prove the mayor's overall authority. 

10:35AM Judge calls for a 20 minute break.

11:00AM Judge admonishing courtroom for taking longer than 20 minutes. Defense wasn't at the first floor shop today so not sure where everybody was. 

Chutkow continuing his method questioning of EPA agent Carol Paszkiewicz who is not missing a beat. This woman knows her Kwame files. 

Back to the city organizational chart. City council has direct control over 3 branches. There will be witnesses from the Detroit Building Authority. The next chapter has to do with the Heilmann Recreational Center in Detroit. 

Witness looking at text exchange between Kwame and one of his admins. June 13th 2002 

Kwame: "Call me when bobby and Victor get to the office." 

Linda: "Will do." 

Mercado's employment agreement was signed 3 weeks previous to this. 

Text exchange on June 21st 2002 between Bernard and Kwame. 

Bernard: Just met with Bobby Ferguson... The 3 of us need to meet at least twice a month for an hour for awhile.." 

Kwame: "cool."  

Exchange between Bernard, Derrick miller and Kwame on July 2nd 2002. 

Bernard: The real problem with DWSD is the evaluation committee. Warren has some ideas how you can proceed. Can we meet with him tomorrow evening? 

Warren Evans is Water Commissioner 

Bernard: No problem. I was just thinking short-term....Already out there... 

Miller: don't want to meet with this guy. He needs to meet new guy. 

Bernard: He already did. says he is going. going to be real good. However there are some pressing issues to deal with..." 

Missed some of this exchange.  

Ferguson and Kwame on November 6th 2002.