Ferguson: I need to talk to you and its important. DWSD 5 minutes whenever you can today. its about funds. 

Kwame: Cool. come over about 5 

Ferguson: will be over 5 m 

Text message between Carolyn Williams Meza COO for Detroit and Ruth Carter head of law department on June 11th 2003 

Meza: ruth mayor KMK does not want to give contract extension to victor. glad i checked. no new assignment for you. 

Carter: Me too, didn't sound right to me either. i'm surprised at victor... 

Merza: So is KMK. 

June 13th 2003 between Mercado and Kwame, 2 days after above exchange. 

Mercado: Mr. mayor...Also are we still on tomorrow. 

Kwame: Talk to you about everything tomorrow at your house. 


Exchange between Kwame and admin Linda on June 13th 2002 

Kwame: Call me when Bobby and Victor get to the office. 

Linda: Will do. 

Already saw that one. Next day June 14th 2003 between Christine Beatty and Kwame. 

Beatty: So it's a date? 

Kwame: I have a mtg with Bobby and Victir at 8 i'll meet you afterwards. 

Beatty: For real? I was actually just talking stuff! That would be wonderful to hear from you then... 


Another entry from Saturday, June 14th 2003 from mayor's calendar. 8 to 9pm that day meeting with Mercado at 727 White Oak Drive West Bloomfield and directions to Mercado's home. This is the same day as text exchange with Beatty. 

Now on June 18th 2003. A text exchange between Kwame and Ferguson.


Kwame: Talk to Victor I meet with him at 10:00. 

Ferguson: Ok. i need to meet you today with the out of the country stuff i have it. 

Kwame: come to my office at 10:30.