Text exchange between Meza and Kwame on the same day. 

Meza: How did the mtg with Victir go? Should we plan to talk tomorrow? i can schedule with Iris if you wish. 

Kwame: Mtg went well. No extension and he is doing pld (public lighting dept.) ni do agree there are some political things i need to do first. 

Meza: ok i'll talk with him to get the change plan ready.... 


Exchange on August 23rd 2002 between Ferguson and Beatty. 

Ferguson: good morning. are you in your office. If so I need the number of motor city's DWSD JOB or do you want me to call victor26 million is posens 

Beatty:I am actually in a training you may have to call victor. 

Ferguson: will call later. 

Beatty:Thank you. 

Ferguson: Are you sure the company is motor city? victor says 

Beatty: that may be right. 

Ferguson: pursue motor city under the same directions. 

Beatty: do you mean for what we talked about last night 

Ferguson: yes exactly. 

Beatty: let me talk to mr. mayor 

Ferguson: ok get back with me. 

Exchange between Kwame and Ferguson. March 8th 2003.

Ferguson: Are you going to call victor today 3 of us break bread this evening. 

Kwame: Yeah i'll holla after work. 

Another entry for mayor's calendar on Saturday, March 8th 2003. 9:30 to 11:00pm mayor, ferguson and victor at Mercado's house. 

Letter to Judge Feikens dated Ferbruary 27th 2006 from Kwame Kilpatrick. Talks about January 5th 2005 opinion and order terminating the special administratorship. Date is incorrect by a year- terminated January 5th 2006.  

WS 650, 657 and 651 changes need to be approved for unanticipated work. Kilpatrick no longer special administrator so he is asking Feikens to approve those orders. For 623 as well. Asking court assistance for orderly transition.

Asking for change orders for the following: 650 (Ferguson for $170,767), 657 (Willie McCormick for $158,266) and 651 (Ferguson for $276,135), on contract 623 for Ferguson Enterprises for $7,516,505.10. Lastly for D'agostini for $3.995 million.